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    Just a side note: We do a mix of spoon feeding and child led feeding. Even while spoon feeding, I follow DS's cues (usually him lunging at the spoon!) and stop when he is done. I don't need info on child led feeding since we do that too...

    1 - Can I reuse the glass baby food jars, simply to store in the fridge until the next day? I mean... Tonight, I want to puree up some chicken for DS to have for dinner tomorrow night... Can I reuse the glass jar that his organic baby food came in (we use earths best)? I dont have any other way to store it and personally don't see why I couldn't store it in that for 24 hours but thought I would ask first...

    2 - How do I puree chicken??? DS normally gets chunks of food while we eat (usually some kind of fruit) but I'd like for him to get one small 'meal' a day, at night (ie, dinner). I want to puree up some chicken (I couldn't find one that was JUST chicken.. It was all mixed with something) but I don't know how! Do I just boil it (and for how long please??), cut it up into peices and put it in my food processor with water (we dont do any purees with formula/breastmilk as we like DS to have the full flavor of the food itself) until I get the consistancy I want? Should I use oil instead of water (not that DS needs fattening up but I've heard of mom's using oil to make foods)?

    3 - Can I make my own 'mixed meals'? I mean, take chicken, sweet potatoe and a veggie and puree them together?

    4 - How can I puree grapes? DS LOVES them but has trouble eating them whole because there isn't much to hold on to... Do I simply remove the skin and half it (take the stem out of the center) and puree?

    5 - How do I puree apples? Do I need to cook them first? Or can I take a ripe apple, cut it up and puree it with water? Does this same thing apply to banana's? Pears?

    6- When can a baby have something that is a red meat? I couldn't find this info.

    DS LOVES to eat and I want to be sure he has a lot of fun with different flavors and textures. I know to wait 3-4 days in between (though we've never done this) introducing new foods.

    Thanks in advance!

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    #1 As long as you thouroughly (sp? ) wash the baby food jar and lid, I'm sure it will be just fine...we often use plastic containers...like cool whip...to use as cheap tupperware. I'm sure baby food jars are the same. Just don't save any food you've dipped lo's spoon in as the saliva starts to breakdown the food and might encourage bacteria growth.

    #2 I'm not sure...I've never pureed chicken. I don't think you'd have to boil it though. Maybe you could just make chicken for your family dinner and save out a piece and try it out. Just make sure that its fully cooked and no longer pink inside, not seasoned with anything that might cause allergies...and probably not overly salted. I'd pop it in the food processor whole, and then add water as needed until you got the right consistency....but what do I know, I've never tried it, LOL

    #3 Yes you can do that, but you don't have to. The only thing to consider, is that many of the combination meals aren't actually meals that an adult or an older child would even eat mixed together...except for beef stew... you might have better luck getting lo to eat things seperately...several bites of each individual thing...then it might be easier to feed the whole food to him later on when he's older.

    #4 You can try that with the grapes, but I don't know what the consistency would be like. I understand though...those little buggers are so slippery they seem like a choking hazard even after you skin and halve them.

    #5 Cook the apples first. I'd skin and core it and either bake it or boil it. You could also get a recipe for homemade applesauce, and adjust the cinnamon and sugar or just leave it out altogether. Then after they're fully cooked, then puree them. I actually cheat and buy regular Motts Natural applesauce...no sugar or anything...just make sure all apple products are pastureized if you buy them off the shelf in a store.

    #6 I don't know the official time line for red meat, but I believe that I did let my oldest have lean ground beef after 9 or 10 months or so. I used ground beef because it had a texture that was easily chewed by naked gums...no teeth here till 10 months. I would stay away from steak and roast beef until baby has molars...no matter how tender it was, our lo couldn't eat it until he could grind up the grains of that meat. Pureeing steak would just be making 93% lean ground beef anyway, so it seemed kind of counterproductive to us.

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    I made applesauce by just peeling and coring the apples, boiling, pureeing, and adding cinn and nutmeg-no sugar. It made the house smell great and he loved it.

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