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Thread: 6 month old still has painful gas

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    Default 6 month old still has painful gas

    My 6 month old still has painful gas! I have eliminated dairy, tried simethicone, gripewater, even adding probiotics to breastmilk. Every night when I feed her before bed she starts grunting and pushing. She locks her legs up and cries in pain. I thought that this would pass after 3 months but it hasn't. I know that some babies are just sensitive to different feelings in their bodies. Even after she has pooped a healthy diaper full, she will again start grunting like she has to fart. She does fart all the time. I work her legs and give her a warm bath. I am starting to go crazy because bedtime is a 3 hour process. She finally gets so tired she gives up and goes to slept but is known to wake after 45 minutes. Am trying rice cereal but think it is making it worse (only been two nights). Please help

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    Poor baby! & poor mama, that must be so hard for you to watch her hurting like that

    Have you tried eliminating anything besides dairy from your diet? My DD is also intolerant to dairy and our pedi said that a lot of babies who have trouble with dairy also don't tolerate soy. So maybe try cutting that too (obvious & hidden) & see if it helps? You might even consider a total elimination diet (all the major allergens - dairy, soy, wheat/gluten, nuts & eggs), to try & pinpoint if there's anything you're eating that's causing her tummy trouble. It can't hurt to try!
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