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Thread: baby wants breast in mouth to stay aslee

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    Default baby wants breast in mouth to stay aslee

    my 4 month old wants to be on the breast all through naps and much of the night. i try detaching her gently over and over, but she roots for breast almost every time and wakes up completely if i try other ways to calm her. i'm not opposed to nursing to sleep. it worked well with my older daughter, but it seems this one is a lighter sleeper. she also has GERD so i would prefer to keep her upright for a while after feeding and then lie her down, but she will not let go! she has a very sweet temperament but i'm exhausted and she needs to eventually learn to sleep without my breast in her mouth.

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    Default Re: baby wants breast in mouth to stay a

    Have you tried a pacifier?

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    my dd did this for a little while when she was younger she is now 10 months. She did stop though after a while. I ended up giving up on this and dont know if it helped but i would let her fall asleep and pull out. if she rooted would let her reattach but then pull out again. it took a few times to be able to move away but eventually i was able to get up.

    good luck mama!!

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    My 14 month DD still does this sometimes. I finally developed the strategy of a more gentle removal process. I keep my finger in the region of her mouth for a couple minutes prior to removal so she isn't startled by the sudden presence of my hand. When I'm ready to remove her, I slowly lift my finger to my mouth and wet it a bit so it will slide into her mouth more easily. When my finger is in the mouth, I leave it there for maybe a minute before turning it a bit to break the suction. Then I remove the nipple quickly but leave the finger in her mouth for 15-30 seconds. This all takes a lot more patience than just breaking her off all at once, but I have a lot more luck in keeping her asleep.

    You could also try a method from The No-Cry Sleep Solution, where you gently press up on the lower jaw (to close the mouth) when baby is trying to get the breast back. If baby persists in rooting, give her the breast back and try again a minute or 2 later. I could never get DD to accept this method, but maybe it would work for you.

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