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Thread: Pump parts at work

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    I rinse my parts in between sessions, and then I try to wash them with soap at the end of the day. I take them home at the end of the week, and I try to run appropriate pieces through the dishwasher on the sanitize cycle at some point during the weekend.

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    I usually rinse my breast pump parts with the hot water dispenser (the one that my co-workers use for their cup-o-noodles) and then put them in a clean dishtowel that I use for the entire day. I keep the parts in the dishtowel, then store all of it in my pump. Reading the above responses though, I'm not sure I need to go to all the trouble.

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    I also rinse after my morning pumping then wash with soap at the end of the day, though I have occasionally employed the "throw everything into the fridge" method, too.

    To make things easier I keep everything in a large plastic bowl for storage and transport. When I wash with soap I just put a drop of soap in the bowl and a little bit of water, splash the parts around, then rinse everything. Back at my desk the parts go onto a paper towel. The bowl is also helpful when I have to travel for work and I am unsure of the cleanliness of the area, or there is no table/counter/desk and parts have to be put on the floor.
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