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Thread: Thawing question

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    I'm returning to work tomorrow and need to thaw some milk from the freezer for my dh to give to my lo. I'm wondering which milk I should thaw first. The oldest or the newest? Or, should it be a mix of both? Also, I think I read that once the milk is thawed it can only stay in the fridge for 24 hours. Is this true? Thanks so much for any advice you have.
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    Yes that is true, but why thaw it now? Why not let DH thaw as needed? It takes like 1 minute for BM to thaw in warm water and if he just thaws what he needs there will be no wasting.
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    I would thaw the oldest first so you can rotate through your milk. I have my freezer stash frozen in 3oz jars. When DH or MIL needs to feed him they just put the jar in warm water and it thaws really fast. I never thaw mine overnight in the fridge because it is true that once thawed it only lasts 24 hours. Since I don't know if DS is really going to eat as much as I anticipate, then I just let whoever is watching him thaw as needed.
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    thaw as needed, maybe an hour before baby will need to eat. I run warm water over it. And if you put your first bag of the day in the fridge tonight at bedtime, it will be ready for the first bottle of the day tomorrow. Then they can take another bag out tomusenformthe next feeding.

    Then younshkuldmhave fresh milk for the rest of the week, milk you pumped at work the day before.
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