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    Hello everyone. I'm going back to work in 2 weeks so I've started pumping to estasblish a little stock of milk. I'm concerned, however, about the amount that comes out of my right breast in comparison to my left. This morning I pumped before my 4 week old ate. I got 5 oz out of my left and less than 2 from my right! I don't want my right breast to start underproducing when I'm back at work. Now, my right nipple is larger than my left. Could this be why? If I buy larger breast sheilds and use 1 on the right will it pump better? Or is this normal. When my son eats off the right breast he doesn't seem to have a problem getting what he needs so I think its a pump issue rather than a production issue. Also I am using a Medela.

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    It's normal for one to produce more. I used to pump 2-3x more from my bigger side.
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    Totally normal. I've pumped for years and my right side responds poorly to the pump. I get less than one oz while the left side gets 3-5 oz
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    You can try different shield sized since one of your nipples are bigger but all in all I think the problem is completely normal. My right breast always produces a minimum of 1oz more than my left. It has not changed my supply in my left though- DS still seems satisfied with whatever boob he gets.
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