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Thread: very low supply on one breast

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    Unhappy very low supply on one breast


    My 7 week old baby is EBF. I find that left breast produces very less milk compared to the right. Even if not fed for a good 6 hrs at night, although right breast looks very engorged, left looks much smaller and softer. I usually breastfeed but just to check I pumped once in the early morning. The left breast produces only 1 oz. Is this normal? How do I increase the supply on the left?

    With my first baby, left produced slightly lower than right initially. But with time, I was producing almost equal amounts in both. Will it happen this time too?!

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    Default Re: very low supply on one breast

    Producing more on the smaller side is going to depend on whether or not that side gets the stimulation necessary to cause it to produce more. You can make the small side produce more by pumping it more often or by offering it to the baby more often, preferably offering it first so that the baby feeds off of it when she is hungriest and most likely to empty it thoroughly. The key to making more is always to remove milk more often and more thoroughly, and that works whether you're talking about one breast or both breasts.

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