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Thread: Signs of readiness at 4 months old??

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    Default Signs of readiness at 4 months old??

    I know many pediatricians give the green light to start solids at 4 months, but I had no intention to :-) The guidelines I felt comfortable with indicated 6 months was a good age for introduction, and my understanding is that the food aren't really well digested until around 8-9 months of age anyway.

    When my ped said "4 months" I said "do I have to???" to which he responded there was no real reason to start solids other than parents being eager to much sooner than 6 months.

    Well to my total shock, my little (or big, actually) 4 month old can almost sit up by himself (!!) and for weeks now he has been LUNGING at any and all foods that he sees. A week ago I was looking the other way and he just lunged across me and latched on to my pear.

    So I am going to play around and introduce solids - based on his cues - but I sure am nervous about this just being an eating game & he won't get much out of the solids other than a decrease in BM.

    On the nursing side, he seems to nurse VERY BRIEFLY and then just does a raspberry on my nipple. He is still 95th %-ile for weight though so it's hard to worry that he is starving himself!!

    Anyone else seen real readiness in a 4 month old??

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    Default Re: Signs of readiness at 4 months old??

    babies can show signs of readiness earlier than 6 months, but 6 months ensures that the digestive tract is ready. The recommendations are that the baby is 6 months and showing all of the signs of readiness

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    Default Re: Signs of readiness at 4 months old??

    I think that when it comes to solids, the advice is still up in the air, to a certain extent. The AAP's breastfeeding policy says wait until 6 months, but their nutrition committee says 4 months is better. Some studies say that waiting until 6 months is protective in terms of allergies, others say early introduction (prior to 6 months) is protective. I think that if you see real readiness in your 4 month old, and you feel like having some fun with solids, you can feel free to start now. Just don't think in terms of feeding your baby meals, or whole jars of food. Think of this as something to have fun with. Let him try a dab of yogurt off your finger. Give him a whole peeled apple to lick and play with. You're aiming for fun with tastes, not aiming to fill his belly. Of course, if you decide you want to hold off on solids, feel free to do so! You may be able to distract your baby from wanting your solid food by offering him a plate and spoon to play with. At this age, a lot of babies will happily play with the spoon and bowl and think that that's all there is to the whole business.

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    Default Re: Signs of readiness at 4 months old??

    We started feeding at 4.5 months because of the same reasons you mentioned. We didn't give him solids every day, only when he seemed to really want some. Probably had something 4 times a week or so. He had sweet potato, squash, banana and avocado, all self fed (made a huge mess!). We do purees now of a lot of different stuff, but he still gets those in solid (normal) form. He probably didn't ingest all that much back then (he is 7 months now) but it satisfied him when we were eating to participate with us. He didn't seem to have any probs with digestion, no constipation or diarrhea.

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    Default Re: Signs of readiness at 4 months old??

    Not to discourage you, but babies show interest in anything that WE are showing interest in. So if you have food in front of him and you're eating it, he wants what you have. It may not be an interest in "food" per say, but rather in what you have. I think a lot of people take it as "Oh he wants solids!" when a lot of the time it's more "What have you got?" If you spend a lot of time on the phone, they probably grab at that too.

    Again, it's not to discourage you, but rather to offer another perspective. If you feel he's ready and you're comfortable with your decision, go for it.

    My girls were slow to start solids. They had interest, but would gag on the slightest thing. But by 1 year, both could eat things that other babies their age (at least around us), wouldn't touch. Even now, DD2 is 15 months with only 7 teeth and the only thing she has a hard time with is pork. Everything else is fair game.
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    Default Re: Signs of readiness at 4 months old??

    Yeah I wouldn't take lunging at your food as a sign that a 4month old was ready for food anymore than I'd take him lunging at keys signaling his readiness to drive. They at 4months are suddenly AWARE of everything going on around them. It's like someone just turned on the whole world. He should be lunging for keys, soda cans, phones anything you show interest in. If you want to have baby participate in mealtime I'd give him a spoon and an empty bowl. That should keep him plenty busy. But he is NOT missing your food. That's projection. Babies don't actually even associate Food with hunger for MONTHS after they start swallowing them. (which is often MONTHS after they start experimenting.) He thinks food comes from YOU. He just wants in on the action. And you can let him in on it without actually beginning to feed him. There is such a short time in their life when we are all they need. I encourage you not to rush it. Solids and good nutrition is a overwhelming and life long game that you must play at with them for 17.5 years. You are going to be responsible for what goes into his body for so many long years. And this is the only time that you can be sure that what's going in is exactly perfect for him.

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    Default Re: Signs of readiness at 4 months old??

    I would not start a 4 month old on solids.

    In fact, when I started my 6 month old we went very slow. At 10 months he has just started having 3 solid meals a day in addition to breastfeeding.

    My reasons are a bit different though. I wanted my son to get as much bm as possible and with solids baby inevitably takes in less bm. Even if they nurse as often they take in less milk. Also early introduction of solids is associated with earlier weaning, and I was concerned about that too.
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    Default Re: Signs of readiness at 4 months old??

    But you could just offer tiny little tastes of things ... my experience (limited, since Joe was a late starter of solids) is that at four months babies are curious about food, but don't really know how to eat it. Still, I personally don't see any harm in letting baby suck a little bit of baked apple or sweet potato off your finger, just for fun.

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    Default Re: Signs of readiness at 4 months old??

    Well the reason I'd personally not do any solids prior to 6 months, even for fun is at that age they still have an open gut. This link is a great resource

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    Default Re: Signs of readiness at 4 months old??

    My DS just turned 4 months old today () and he seems so interested in food as well. I think it has more to do with what the pp's said about them being interested in EVERYTHING. He literally find everything stinkin' thing in the room interesting and tries to grab at it. MIL thinks that he must be ready for solids but I think he is just curious to know what the heck everyone keeps paying attention to at mealtime.

    So in my personal case I am going to hold off on solids. I still might give him an apple slice he can play with and lick- but only for fun. I feel better knowing he is getting bm as his only source of food. I will see how he is around 6 months to do start anything official.
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