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OK I am no thrush expert, so please bear with me for what is likely an idiotic question--but were there any other initial symptoms besides the white spots on baby's lips? Painful or itchy nipples for you, deep pink and scaly and/or and shiny nipples, painful mouth for baby, diaper rash for baby, yeast infection for you,-anything? When the spots recur, again, are there any other symptoms? If you scratch at the white spots, is it red underneath?

It’s just that in my experience, (with helping moms) when there is thrush, white spots in the baby’s mouth may or may not be there, but other symptoms, particularly nipple pain, most definitely are. So, I am just curious if we have a situation here where mom is asymptomatic and baby has this one symptom?

The first two times around, I had no symptoms, though my baby had white spots on his lips. This time around, he has a white patch on the inside of his cheeks and for the first time, I am having tingling, needle-like pain in the nipples. Around 3 weeks ago my DS started getting really fussy at my lelft breast. He would latch on and get off, get back on and get back off. Sometimes he would not latch on and just turn his cheek the other way. Weirdly however, he would have no issue with that breast if he was sleepy, or just arbitly at a one-off time even in the day. The doc checked him out (no spots then and no symptoms for me either) and we put it down to normal fussiness. (He was nursing fine at the right breast). Then a week or so later, he got a cold and was fussy at both breasts (we could hear the choked nose). The issue would resolve when his nose was clearer. Right through all this, he would nurse fine at BOTH breasts in the night / when he was sleepy. Now the cold is gone (though he still has a bit of a cough) and he is back to being fussy at the left breast. This time I have not given him thrush medication at all, and the white patch seemed to have lessened yesterday (I am to check again today once he is up). I still have the breast pain though and I am treating myself with topical clotrimazole. Now I have a big doubt whether his fussiness is due to a sore mouth? If his mouth were sore, would he still be comfortable nusring on the other breast like he is now? And if his mouth were sore, would he be comfy nursing on both breasts when he is sleepy? Am SO confused and really worried. He seems to have a yeasty-breath. Could his thrush have spread to throat or something? He is fine otherwise though. Always smiling, trying to talk - the usual 2 month old stuff.
Thank you SO much for all your help Mommas. It feels so nice to be able to talk and get some ideas / suggestions in the middle of this really harrowing time.