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Thread: Cold remedies safe while breastfeeding?

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    I feel absolutely terrible. My throat began to feel sore this afternoon and is now in full-blown pain. On top of that I feel congested and have a headache from sinus pressure. It's just my luck that this is happening right before Thanksgiving and my doctor's office will probably be closed all weekend. I'm in dire need of relief--fast! What can I do? I know it's okay to breastfeed while sick, but I don't want to take the chance of getting my baby boy sick. He's only three months old, and of course I can't help but kiss him a million times a day. Someone please help.

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    kelly moms has a great page about natural things to try for colds and sinus...

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    Good link from the PP. Best things you can do or baby at this point are to wash your hands and continue to nurse. By the time you're feeling sick, your baby has already been exposed to the germ, so not nursing him will not stop him from getting sick. Luckily, you came down with this illness first, which means your milk is full of antibodies to that germ. So every time you nurse, you give your baby a shot of antibodies!

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    Sounds like you are getting what I just got over. Pain meds for that throat of fire (whatever you took postpartum). I treat colds or I end up in the ER with an asthma attack. My docs and midwife have all said something like Robitussin DM is OK. It was misery.

    Sudafed is also OK for the congestion, but it may have the side effect of reducing your supply. I used it, knowing that. I did see less in my bottles, but in years past, when I was nursing, I just let my baby nurse more.
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    I had a really bad cold a month ago and I was afraid to take any decongestants because I've had supply issues and had to work really hard to get it back up. I was miserable though, so I took the chance. I only took it for the day or two where my cold was at it's peak. It didn't seem to have a big effect on my supply, but if I remember correctly, DS may have nursed a little more frequently than usual.

    One tidbit of advice- try to stick to single ingredient medicines, rather than multiple symptom relief, like cold and flu concoctions. Airborne is totally harmless too, for a little boost of vitamins.

    Feel better!
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    If you are particularly concerned about supply, phenylephedrine (Sudafed PE) seems to not have the effect upon supply that pseudoephidrine (regular Sudafed, the kind that you have to get from the pharmacist) does.

    And remember--kisses on the top of the head are always safe!
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    Thank you, ladies! You were all definitely helpful. I hope you all enjoyed your Thanksgiving.

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    If you have access to essential oils, I have found that a small amount of oregano and lemon oils help a sore throat for me a ton! I usually do 2-5 drops of each in a very small amount of water and chase it with some milk (or almond milk) cause it does burn a little at first.

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