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Thread: Nursing at on-site daycare at work

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    Default Nursing at on-site daycare at work

    Has anyone nursed their baby at an on-site daycare center at their workplace?

    I've been informed by someone in my HR department that I'm allowed to do this (my baby starts daycare in January). This was a surprise to me because I was assuming I would be pumping during work and providing bottles.

    This person in HR also mentioned that the daycare center will call me at my desk when my baby is hungry.

    That's great! BUT... what I can't figure out is, how does this kind of situation work when I have meetings I'm expected to attend? Some of these meetings happen on a weekly or monthly basis so I know what day/time they will be... but there are many project-based meetings that I don't always know about in advance and could potentially interfere with feeding times. Especially if I never know when exactly those feeding times will occur.

    Currently my DS nurses on demand. Do you think I will need to somehow get him onto a schedule? That way I'd be able to block out typical feeding times on my daily calendar at work, so that I can decline or reschedule meeting invites sent during those times.

    I should mention that although my company is very supportive of breastfeeding mothers (and so is the state of California in general)... my direct manager is NOT baby friendly or sympathetic at all. I kid you not, she has openly made comments about people having children "overpopulating the world". So I can't anticipate that she will be understanding of me needing to pop down to the daycare on a moments notice to feed my baby. Though that's what I REALLY would like to do.

    I know feeding schedules are bad in general, but in this case... would it be a good idea? And if so, how would I go about it? I have a little over a month and a half to get DS onto a schedule if necessary.

    Has anyone been in a nursing at work situation at all?

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    Default Re: Nursing at on-site daycare at work

    hi! i think that is wonderful! at my job there are moms who can do it because their office is close to the daycare. my office is about a ten minute drive. not really a big deal but it does not work out that i can go and nurse for each feeding. i go during lunch. i am jealous of a mom i know who rides her bike over when they call and say her lo is hungry!!

    i would say that you will have a pretty good idea of when the baby needs to nurse when you go back to work. i would bet you would be able to schedule appointments around your need to go over there (lets say every 2-3 hours). i think you will be able to feel it out once you are back to work. you may find it best to tell your direct manager your plan to go nurse. if HR ok'd it you really should not have an issue but you will see how your boss is. could you ask HR what to do or say if your boss tries to prevent you from doing it?

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    Default Re: Nursing at on-site daycare at work

    Wow. Your are describing my ideal situation. Let HR deal with it if your Boss is an ass.
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    Default Re: Nursing at on-site daycare at work

    I used to work at a daycare that had a few nursing moms who would visit at lunch. We didn't call them when their babies were hungry, but we would try to hold the babies off if they got hungry right before lunch, so that they could nurse instead of have a bottle. The moms sent bottles, and had pretty scheduled times when they were going to visit. It was pretty easy to accommodate. Awesome that you have that option!

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    Default Re: Nursing at on-site daycare at work

    Since HR has approved it, run with it! Although you may want to ask if they could forward the actual policies to you and maybe cc your boss on it. That way, it's not you, it's HR and your boss is fully aware that YOU are aware of your rights before it's an issue.
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    Default Re: Nursing at on-site daycare at work

    I think it's great that you can go and nurse your LO on demand at work! However, since you will most likely still need to pump some, what *I* would probably do is send bottles of pumped milk with, say, only 2 ounces in them. That way if daycare calls you and you are in a meeting, you can tell them "Oh, I'll be down there in about an hour" and then they can either try and hold him off for a bit, or give him a small bottle to hold him over until you can come and nurse. And if he's still majorly hungry and you're still not coming yet, they could always warm up another 2 ounce bottle for him, after he's finished the first one. And honestly, even when my babies were older, they never took more than 4 ounces of breast milk at a feeding, so I would think giving him 2 bottles with 2 ounces each would be plenty for him if you're going to be a while before you can go nurse him.
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