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Thread: refusing bottle!

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    Default refusing bottle!

    I started work this week after having my second child. No problems breastfeeding, but the little man will NOT take a bottle. We have tried everything we can think of... different bottles/nipples, different positions, different people.. nothing is working. Any thoughts??
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    Just keep trying?? Same problem here... My first son didn't latch for the first couple of months and then after he did, refused the bottle. My second son (now 4 mo) latched from the get-go, and also took the bottle occassionally until recently. The past two weeks he is refusing it. He will "play" with it and "talk" to it, but wants nothing to do with drinking the milk out of it! Makes it difficult to run to the store without kid-free without worrying! But, not sure what to do...
    I'm assuming someone else is offering it to him so he can't smell you? That's the only suggestion/thought I would have. =)
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    I've been trying everything for over a month and mine acts the same way....

    He's a little older then 4 months now and he has learned to drink from a little shooter glass. It's longer then with a bottle, sure....and still a bit messy, but he loves it! He sits in his little chair with a good bib and he laps and slurps at the milk.

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