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Thread: baby refuses all bottles

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    Angry baby refuses all bottles

    I must go back to work and my DD refuses any bottle given by any person. She becomes hysterical and I have tried to offer warm and room temp. When she is hungry and when she isn't I have tried. she doesnt use a pacifier and she is 2 months and 3 weeks.

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    My son was this way too (still can be actually!). But he has learned how to eat from a bottle and that he has no other options when mom is away.

    Try to have someone else offer the bottle instead of you. That can be confusing to baby, since he knows you have something better. Also, have you tried different bottles? We have had good luck with Dr Browns, but all babies can be different.
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    you might find something helpful here:

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    We've had good luck with the breastflow...we tried everything else and he'll reluctantly eat from those if his dad feeds him.
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    Playtex ORIGINAL nurser with slow flow LATEX nipple. Silicone nipples were a no-go, but latex nipples worked.
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    Quote Originally Posted by @llli*Leslie View Post
    Playtex ORIGINAL nurser with slow flow LATEX nipple. Silicone nipples were a no-go, but latex nipples worked.
    These were the only bottles/nipples DD would take, and I tried at least eight different kinds.

    Even with these bottles, there were many weeks that she flat out refused a bottle. It was stressful for me, but she actually did fine. She made up for it by reverse cycling and nursing at night. If your LO never takes a bottle, she will probably be okay. If you think about it, many babies who STTN will go 10 hours without nursing. If your LO does end up reverse cycling, then I would recommend co-sleeping if you aren't already. This way, I could pretty much sleep while nursing. I was still tired in the morning but at least functional.

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    DD is 9 months and never took a bottle or paci. We tried them all. We ended up trying a Munchkin Sippy and she took it. Try sippy cups, regular cups, etc. It takes lots of patience.

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