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Thread: Lopsided output?

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    Default Lopsided output?

    I am back to work now and pumping and have noticed that I get way more from my right side than my left. After a pumping session I'll get 3oz from my right and 1 and 1/2 oz from my left. Is this normal? I know I probably never would have noticed this if I didn't have to pump at work but I was wondering if I should try to pump more on that side to even out the supply or just leave it as it is? Thanks!
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    no one is perfectly the same on each side of their body for anything. If you look closely in the mirror you probably have one eye larger then the other, one foot larger then the other, one hand larger then the other, and yes one breast larger then the other as well. And well, one breast usually does produce more milk then the other. Perfectly normal. I've heard mom's try all kinds of things to get the lower producer one to produce the same amount as the higher producer and so far over several years now I've not heard near a one be able to get the lower producing one to do the same as the higher one no matter what they do. It's just life and your body one seems to produce more then the other. But, it's really not a big deal. As long as you are producing enough between the two to provide for your baby is all that matters.

    So yes, it's perfectly normal and I haven't met any one yet that both breast produce exactly the same.

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