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Thread: Sudden oversupply?

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    Default Sudden oversupply?

    In the last 4 or 5 days I all of a sudden have an over-abundance of milk. My son is almost 9 months old and is in the midst of getting top teeth. They are through the gum but not out yet. I know that he is in pain but I can't really say that he has been nursing more than normal and certainly not enough to cause a sudden large increase in milk.

    I kind of wonder if when he is nursing he is not actually removing much milk. He will nurse for 10 minutes and even after he comes off and switches to the other side my boob that he just nursed on will leak a huge amount. I have also been feeling really full in the morning and I haven't had any of these symptoms since he was 3 or 4 months old!

    My diet hasn't changed, I take no medicines, vitamins, or supplements. Does anyone have any idea what would cause a sudden oversupply?

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    I'm sorry, it looks like this one got missed when you posted it.

    Teething can certainly disrupt a baby's normal nursing pattern. If he started nursing more often for a bit and then slowed down again, you might end up with a greater supply and then some engorgement when the demand decreases. I would expect it to adjust again within a few days though.

    How are things going now?
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    Default Re: Sudden oversupply?

    It has gotten much better, thanks I am still a bit more leaky than I was before but not like it was at first! I think that teething was definitely the culprit.

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