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Thread: Put down the pump

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    Quote Originally Posted by @llli*durhamgrrl View Post
    You are because I did.
    I will respectfully agree to disagree. Ooky said it best - early pumping doesn't HAVE to mean BFing demise. I literally had my hands on Shiloh and was about to shake him. I decided then and there that I NEED to get out of the house. I sat my fat @$$ down, pumped 8ozs, and handing his screaming hiney over to his daddy - for 3hrs a day...most days anyways. I couldn't go another day without a break. And I will start early and do the same thing for baby #3 that I did for the first 2.
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    very interesting thoughts. did make me see some early pumping in a new way so thanks

    i think my issue with pumping is that people assume pumping = breastfeeding and i see them as very different. not sensing that here just in general.

    pumping allows us to remove milk to give a baby when we cannot be with that baby for whatever reason (sanity, work, baby cant nurse, etc) but it does not replace a baby, does not build our supply as naturally as a baby, does not offer many of the benefits to mom and baby... lots of differences.

    i really do think there is way too much pumping going on (sarale, did you say that once?) i would advise moms to nurse nurse nurse rather than pump.

    i just don't understand the draw to it. if i did not work i would NEVER pump. NEVER. but thats just me i guess. it is very personal.

    i feel like there is a very quick jump to pump when imho baby and mom need to have some time to make mistakes together and get established.
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    I really don't understand the assumption that there is judgment here. I don't see it that way. There is NOTHING wrong with pumping. What is wrong is when Mom's are told to pump, not given any context, limits or "whys". If you want / need to go out? Pump!

    It's when pumping starts affecting your supply when you don't want / need it to. Especially when no one tells a Mom that it can / will affect their supply if not taken into account.

    I see this post more as a "if you're a new Mom, you don't need to pump until you decide what it is that you want to accomplish with it". For Mom's who know, who have hit a rhythm, they'll manage it fine.
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