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    I am currently in the process of relactating. I have been pumping every 2 hours and my son has just begun to latch on his own. How can I tell how much he is getting, and how do I know he's sucking right? After I feed him with the sns I squeeze my breasts and milk still comes out.. does that mean he didn't get anything? Also, I read somewhere that once baby latches, to basically make it stay there all day. There was a woman who nursed 20 hrs a day.. is that necessary ? Or how often should I nurse? Every 2 hrs just like pumping? And do I still need to pump? How fast will my milk come in now?

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    If he is latching and you have milk, why not nurse him first with out the SNS? You will not know how much he has gotten unless you get a scale to weigh him on (a special scale). However, if you have enough milk he will nurse till he is satisfied. And you won't need to worry about it.

    You should ALWAYS have milk in your breast, so no just because after he nurses you still have milk does NOT mean he didn't get anything, and more likely then not means he DID get milk from you. Because your breast are never truly empty and in fact even when you think they are empty if you put a babe on it, it would make more milk right away, on demand! (more efficient then a pump).

    Every two hours would be fine to offer the breast, however, most of us do not have our babies on schedules, but since you are trying to re-lactate it would probably be a good idea to offer that often. Once you for sure know you have a good supply going, then you can probably be a little less vigilant and just let him cue you in on when he is hungry-rooting, sucking on fingers/fist, etc.

    Most moms do not need to feed 20 hours a day. Most moms in the beginning will find they have to feed a LOT. But, hardly 20 hours. It's different for each baby, but usually say 15 to 20 minutes maybe per a side at the beginning about 8 to 12 times a day, and then there is usually a evening meal or two that last a looooooooot longer, seems to be the pattern of most babies, they like to really hang out in the evening and just eat and eat and eat. Then as they get older and more efficient they get faster, and most the days feedings sometimes go down to just a few minutes per a side, and still with mine they like the longer ones in the evenings though. lol

    The most common reason though for a baby to take a waaaaaaaay long time feeding besides that evening feeding I speak of, is a tongue tie may inhibit their ability to transfer the milk quickly or at all, so then it may take that long. Or some babies just like to be attached to the boob more then others. However, 20 hours a day seems pretty excessive even then. All that being said, if I was trying to re-lactate I would probably try to do it as much as I can, and if it equaled 20 hours I may just do it! lol But, that's not probably realistic. The main thing is do it as often as possible, every 2 to 4 hours is best. The more often the better.

    How you will know if he has the right latch is-
    1. It doesn't hurt you.
    2. Usually a baby will pop off at some point-at the very least when they are full they will pop off your breast. You will see milk usually running down the corner of their mouth or in their mouth still and your nipple may even still be wet with milk. And yes, even after all that you probably can still get milk to come out cause your breast will NEVER be empty as long as you are lactating cause your body continually makes milk till you dry up, which once you get your milk steady and in, can actually take a long time to dry up. (I have went months with out nursing and still be able to manually get drops out when I thought I was dry!).
    3. If baby wasn't getting anything out they would eventually get more and more upset cause they would be getting more and more hungry!

    there's a lot more, but those are the top off of the top of my head for now.

    WTG on getting baby to latch that is awesome! And re-lactating keep it up!

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