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Thread: is it to late?

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    Question is it to late?

    My baby girl was born 11/12/11... the two days at the hospital she recieved nothing but breast, got home and I supplemented with formula... because I was just exhausted . She is now 10 days old and I found it easier to give her formula, but I really want to give her only breast from this point on, but every time I try to give her breast she will latch and let go and scream at the top of her lungs... like she isn't getting enough milk or prefers formula. I bought a pump to express milk and I only get about 1/2 oz at each pumping. Is it to late, has my milk started to dry up? Is there any help in increasing my milk, getting her to latch and stay latched and break her from formula (without starving her)? I am willing to do whatever it takes to only breast feed.

    Any and all help, advice and suggestions are welcome.

    Thank you,
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    Default Re: is it to late?

    It is not too late.

    It is salvagable, but you need to put in some work.
    NURSE as much as possible. No pump is as good as a baby.
    Give supplements via some other method, not a bottle. http://www.kellymom.com/bf/concerns/...to-breast.html and http://www.kellymom.com/bf/pumping/a...e-feeding.html
    An SNS might be of use to you, as you can give supplements yet have baby at the breast getting practice and stimulating your supply
    Pump after feedings, even if you get nothing
    Pump with a HOSPITAL grade pump. If you are planning to pump instead of nurse, you pretty much must do the following:
    Pump for 120 minutes in 24 hours, breaking it into at least 8 sessions. 12 is better. Time at the pump is what is needed to bring your supply back if you are not nursing for whatever reason.
    Pump for 5 minutes past when you stop getting milk
    Use breast compressions and massage your breasts to help empty them completely
    Try some herbs, such as fenugreek and blessed thistle
    Talk to your doctor about medications if necessary to stimulate your supply

    There is a mother here who totally rebuilt her supply. She was unable to get her child to latch, but if you can latch, that is half the battle right there.

    How to wean off supplements
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    Default Re: is it to late?

    aprilsmagic told you how to do it! Follow her information and you'll have the baby back on the breast in no time. If your baby is reluctant to nurse, the information in the following link may help: http://www.kellymom.com/bf/concerns/...to-breast.html

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    Default Re: is it to late?

    Not too late at all! 10 days? moms have rebuilt supplies after a much longer length of time. Biology wants breastfeeding to work-Moms can relactate and even induce lactation! And you are making milk, so all you need to do is to (maybe) rebuild supply, and get baby nursing. It may seem overwhelming, and it is a big job-but possible? Without a doubt.
    Great advice and articles in pp's. Also remember, there is no one single way to do this. You need to see what will work for you. If baby is not nursing at all, yes, the ideal is, pump at least 10 times a day. (24 hours.) But that does not have to be every such and such hours. Some moms find it easier to cluster pump, just as a baby would (normally) cluster nurse. http://www.llli.org/docs/00000000000...umpigchart.pdf

    From what you say in your post, it's possible your biggest hurdle is your own self-confidence. There is not a chance baby 'prefers' formula to your delicious milk. Baby may 'prefer' the bottle for getting fed, at this point, but only because that is what baby is used to and understands-for now. Use the back to breast suggestions in the above posted link to help your baby re-learn that breast is best for food and comfort. So called "Comfort nursing" often comes first-babies are hard-wired to want-no, need, to nurse on the breast. Most of all, your baby needs your loving arms and touch!

    Are you still exhausted? Get help with your other responsibilities, or let them go for a time. Lower your expectations of what a new mother 'should' be able to do. If neccesary and possible, don't try to do anything else except mother your baby and take care of your persaonl needs. If others can cook, do errands, etc etc, let them. This time of year is particularly tough, moms feel pulled by other's expectations to vist, have visitors, travel, etc. What are your priorities? Figure that out and then stand by them. Protect yourself from unhelpful people and lean on helpful people. New motherhood is exhausting & all consuming no matter how baby is fed. Respect that fact.

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    Default Re: is it to late?

    All great advice above but wanted to chime in to rest as much as possible (seriously) while building your supply and eat plenty of good food and eat it often. Keep chicken or turkey and apples and such already cut up in the fridge or divide dinner into portions to quickly heat up on another day. As lllmeg said, this is not a time to play "super mom". Get some help with chores or just let them go for a while. This is so much more important right now. You can do it and if you put in the effort you will see the results.
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