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Thread: Pumping but nothing is coming out

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    Default Pumping but nothing is coming out

    Hi-my daughter is almost 5 months and I have been nursing/pumping exclusively.
    I pump 4 times a day (5AM, 9:30AM, 12:30PM and 4PM) and nurse at 6AM, 6PM and 7PM until bedtime. Until last week, DD would eat 2-3 times overnight. We are
    working on night weaning, and she now takes a bottle of expressed milk at 11:30 and that's it. Until last week, I was pumping about 20oz a day in those four sessions which was enough to send 4 4oz bottles to day care and give her a 4oz bottle at night. This week, I am barely pumping 12oz total per day. I added another pumping session before bed, started taking 6 each of Fenugreek and Blessed Thistle capsules each day, drink 2 glasses of Mother's Milk Tea, take 2 Lecithin capsules per day and drink lots of water. I also do breast compressions while I pump (each session is 30 minutes). I have tried power pumping, too. I also replaced the membranes on my PISA.

    What is going on? Night weaning alone can't have dropped my supply like this,
    can it? What else can I do? I feel very full but nothing comes out when I
    pump. I am not ready to wean or supplement.

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    Default Re: Pumping but nothing is coming out

    Are you nursing at all? Or only pumping? What kind of pump are you using? Is there a reason you night weaned?

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    Yes, night weaning can do that to your supply.

    What kind of pump do you have?
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    When ever you night wean you are going to effect your supply GREATLY that is when the hormones for making milk are the highest. When you are depending on a pump going from 7pm to 5 AM is WAAAAAAAAAAAY to long. You should not ever go more then 6 hours between pumping/nursing if you want to keep any kind of supply for pumping up. And really even better should be every 2 to 4 hours. I NEVER went more then 4 hours till my DD1 was around 2 years old. And yes even over night. It's really the only way you will keep up enough supply if you are depending on pumping a lot like it sounds you are.

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    Default Re: Pumping but nothing is coming out

    I thought of something else night weaning may have done - has your period come back yet? If not, the night weaning may have triggered it. And that can cause your supply to drop.

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