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    hi made mistake again actually he was 7.8oz born other details are right last weighed at 9weeks was10.4oz n 56.5cm now he is 10weeks u think he is too small than other babies of his age?he takes 4-5oz of formula a day in two feeds one after bf n 3-4 in bottle only feed but I want to bf exclusively but he seems still hungry even after a long feed sometimes

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    I don't know how helpful it is to compare babies because they really are all so different but my lo is 3 months old this week and weighs 11.7 pounds. He weighed 7.2 when he was born and went down to 6.5 in the hospital. He has lots of diapers and is very active and happy so he is just a small baby. Does your baby have plenty of wet diapers? Is there anything else going on?
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    Sometimes what we see as hunger is not hunger. It's just wanting to nurse or be at the breast. And being at the breast increases your supply and brings it into line with baby's needs. 10 weeks is prime for a baby to spend a lot of time at the breast. There is a growth spurt at 8-9-10 weeks.

    http://www.kellymom.com/bf/supply/decrease-formula.html might be helpful.
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