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Thread: I feel like I am over it :(

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    Default I feel like I am over it :(

    My son is almost 9 months old and I just don't want to breastfeed him anymore. I don't have any good reason why; I used to love it so much. He is a horrible sleeper and always has been. He has always woke every 1 or 2 hours to feed, since birth. Around my period (which I got back at 10 week postpartum) the night feedings make me feel insane but other than that time I don't think that the night wakings are the cause of my feelings. We co-sleep so the actual waking isn't that bad and I really am just used to it. I don't have any pain when nursing other than the occasional tooth scrape from his new top teeth so I don't see how that could cause the feelings either.

    Sometimes I feel resentful that I can't comfort him without him wanting/expecting to nurse. I can't pick him up if he bumps his head or just hold him close without him wanting to nurse. No one else can get him to sleep because the only way he has ever fallen asleep is to nurse. Then the last couple of days I all of a sudden have a huge over-abundance of milk. I am leaking on the other side when I nurse and soaking through my shirt/bra at random times during the day. I am not on any medicines/vitamins and my diet has not changed so I don't know the cause of this but it is extremely annoying to say the least. I have gone back to wearing breast pads after 6 months without them.

    Oh, and the kicking/pinching/wiggling/pop off makes me feel crazy. I think that this might be the main factor in my negative feelings.

    I know I am rambling! I just feel so guilty for wanting to quit but I am counting the days until he turns one so I can wean even though my goal has always been 2 years! Thanks for taking your time to read this huge rant

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    Default Re: I feel like I am over it :(

    Most breastfeeding moms feel ambivalent from time to time. And for whatever reason, 9 months tends to be a rough time for a lot of mamas. For me it was because baby was distractible and no fun to nurse, and I was SICK TO DEATH of pumping at work. My nursing tenure has had ups and downs, and that was definitely a down.

    Just take it day by day. Try to make it to a year if you can, you'll be proud of that accomplishment (no formula needed!). You may feel differently at a year. I know I did. For one thing, toddler nursing is easier than infant/baby nursing. It's more on your own terms. Deep breaths.

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    Default Re: I feel like I am over it :(

    Yeah 9 months is a wall. It's not fun to toddler nurse a young toddler. Being realistic though, what else would you do in those situations if you didnt nurse anymore? It would be way worse IMHO and you will get LESS sleep. Older toddler nursing is usually easier. They want to play more for longer periods, eat more solid food and use nursing more as a suppliment. Hang in there can you do 3 more months?
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    Default Re: I feel like I am over it :(

    , especially with this:

    Quote Originally Posted by @llli*jenna562 View Post
    Being realistic though, what else would you do in those situations if you didnt nurse anymore? It would be way worse IMHO and you will get LESS sleep.
    It can be really frustrating when the breast is the only thing that calms a fussy, sleepless, or hurt baby... But the benefit to the breast is that it almost always works, and almost always works instantaneously. Cranky baby + breast = immediately calm baby. Remove the breast from that equation and you still have to soothe the baby, but the methods you have to use are a lot more time-intensive. Like my formula-feeding friend who would be up all night rocking her kid in the rocker when he was sick or teething.

    Hang in there just 3 more months! I swear that it gets easier once you transition into toddlerhood.

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    My DD is 9 mos. old and I can relate to some of the same situations, particularly the one about being the only one to be able to put LO to sleep because baby wants to nurse to sleep every time. However, I have been reading the "No Cry Sleep Solution" by Pantley and we are making a little progress. Maybe that could help you as well?
    Could your LO have been going through a growth spurt? I know there could be so many reasons for babies to up their nursing sessions. DD is in the midst of teething (she also just recently got her top 2), cruising, along with congestion/cough/cold.
    Also, do you have a nursing necklace? This seems to help distract my DD from pinching and squirming.
    I do think that while these situations are definitely irritants, I think it will be worth it to continue BF'ing. I am looking forward to how nursing will be when she is a bit older.

    Anyways, I wrote all that to get to this: Our babies certainly appreciate and benefit from our milk, and you're not alone!

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