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Thread: Dip in Supply = AF?

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    Default Dip in Supply = AF?

    I am at work today (pumping as usual) and have not gotten as much as I usually do, and I'm wondering if this could mean that AF is on her way? DD is 4.5 m/o and I have not had a period yet. Some mild cramping/spotting over the last few days, breasts feel a little sore too. But no bleeding yet...

    I usually pump 3X at work (I work 3 days a week) & get 16-18oz total each day. The first session I can usually get 6-8 (got 4.5 today) then sessions 2 & 3 I get 4-5oz (got barely 4 at the 2nd session, 3rd is coming up in a few min). Is this a normal dip that might mean AF is coming soon? How long does the dip usually last? Do I need to do anything special to boost it back up or is it enough to keep pumping/nursing as usual?

    Yesterday at work I got almost 18oz total when I pumped. The only thing that was out of the ordinary between yesterday and today was that DD (who usually STTN) nursed around 2:45 am. She only ate from the right side, so that side was not as full this am as it usually is. Not sure if this would cause the dip, I thought nursing more boosted supply...

    DD gets only breastmilk. I nurse when I am with her, but she takes bottles while I'm at work.

    TIA Mamas!
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    Default Re: Dip in Supply = AF?

    I bet she got those 3 ounces you're missing from your morning session. Nursing more does boost supply, but it's not an immediate thing. Your 2nd session sounds like it was close to normal and you may have been stressing out about your first session.

    I am pumping at 10 months and still haven't gotten AF back... sometimes I get more, sometimes less.

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    Default Re: Dip in Supply = AF?

    It could be AF, with the spotting going on, but it could also be just one of those things. Mine fluctuates quite a lot, and I haven't had any sign of any impending change in fertility for some months -- no mucus, no spotting, no cramping, nothing

    Try calcium/magnesium supplements and wait it out. Try some herbs.

    It takes time to rebuild your supply. If you were EPing, I'd say give it at least 2 weeks to rebuild, nursing will build it faster but it can still take some days. Don't give up.
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