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Thread: Growth spurt or low supply?

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    Default Growth spurt or low supply?

    DS was 3 months old on Saturday. Starting Saturday night, he's not sleeping, he's wanting to eat AT LEAST every 1.5 hours, sometimes more. He was eating every 2-3 hours and sleeping 9-10 hours at night. Now he's up all night long, wanting to eat. I went back to work (1 day/week) a couple weeks ago and notice I don't pump much at a time, though I know that's not a good indication of what he's getting. But usually, if I pump 6 oz, he's taken 8-12 oz (2-3 4 oz bottles). So I've been pumping after his nighttime feeding and after his first morning feeding on my off days so that I'm sure to have enough milk otherwise.

    Anyway, does this sound like possibly a growth spurt or could my supply have dropped overnight? He was doing fine until Friday. I did go 5.5 hours without pumping Friday because I got hung up at work, but I still pumped, over the day, more than he took in bottles at the sitter's, so surely my supply wouldn't have taken that big a hit, right? And his CONSTANT nursing after would have brought it back up, right, if that was the case?

    DH is wanting to give him some cereal or avocado, just a little, because he's convinced he's getting plenty of milk but it's not holding him over. I know this is a bad idea for many reasons, but IDK what to do!!!!

    Any advice, ladies? I'm exhausted from this!!!!!!

    ETA: Oh, he's gaining plenty of weight! He was 8 lbs 11 oz at birth and at his 2-month checkup was 12 lbs 4 oz. I haven't weighed him since then, but he's grown a TON as far as clothes fitting and his legs, etc., are definitely BIGGER, lol. His diapers are wet constantly and his dirty diapers are every 3-5 days, which has been that way since about 6 weeks.

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    Default Re: Growth spurt or low supply?

    weight gain would seem to indicate it's a growth spurt vs. supply issue, IMO
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