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Thread: Causes for lower supply

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    Default Causes for lower supply

    Other than supplementing, what can cause a drop in supply?

    I'm not sure if my supply dropped or what. DD (14 mo) wants to nurse all day, and I know there's not much milk coming out (or at least not as much as she'd like) because she starts fussing. Usually my letdown comes at around 1 minute or less, but now it is taking foreeever to come, and DD gets mad.

    Today after dinner she made the sign for milk, and I actually gave her (for the first time since she was 3 mo) EBM from the freezer. I was a little busy and I just managed last week to cut one feeding and telling her to wait until bedtime. Well today she drank 3 oz and left 1 oz in her sippy. Then at bedtime she nursed both sides 3 times!

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    i think getting your period back can also cause a dip in supply, but its usually temporary. when this happens to me, my boobs feel really floppy, i take longer to get letdown, Elena gets annoyed, but the peak of it for me is like max 2 days. drink lots of water and try to eat oatmeal if you can.
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    Pregnancy or the return of your period are the big culprits. And at this age, your supply may go down if your toddler has a busy couple of days and doesn't ask much. It should return no problem, though.

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