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Thread: Am I feeding my baby enough?

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    Default Am I feeding my baby enough?

    For the first 5 weeks of my DD's life she slept very little because she was very busy nursing-nursing-nursing. It felt like one giant growth spurt because she went on for hours at a time (I'm not exaggerating at all). She would cry hysterically if I took her off.

    Today she is 6 weeks old and things are changing. While she never-ever refuses the breast if I offer, she sometimes could be distracted by being walked around, talked to, or taken for a stroller ride outside. She eventually does get to a point when she lets me know that the only thing she really wants is to eat.

    Because she never refuses the breast, if offered, I am doing the wrong thing by "withholding" as long as she seems happy? He diaper output is good.
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    Default Re: Am I feeding my baby enough?

    How is her diaper output? That is the best way to tell if baby is getting enough. How many wet diapers does she have each day?

    But if she is not fussy in between feedings and is interested in other things, it sounds like you are doing a great job mama. Breastfeeding is about confidence. You are doing a great job by providing for her!
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    Default Re: Am I feeding my baby enough?

    If she's happy and diapers are good, I think you have nothing to worry about. Babies are unpredictable little creatures.
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    Default Re: Am I feeding my baby enough?

    I agree with PP if diaper output is good and she is happy you are doing just what you should. Some babies just love to nurse nurse nurse. Its a happy comfortable spot for them. She is letting you know when it is time to eat I would keep doing exactly what you are doing.
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