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Thread: question about nipple shield

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    Default question about nipple shield

    Hi -
    I am using a nipple shield to breastfeed my 10 week old baby. I had a rough start to breastfeeding due to the pain. I dreaded feeding times, and she was nursing every hour. It was so painful I was crying at feeding times and was so sore I couldn't interact normally with my husband or 4 year old between feedings - I had to be careful not let them touch the front of me! I started with the nipple shield in the hospital due to inverted nipples but got off of it by one week old and by 4 weeks old I was in a terrible situation where I couldn't even wear the softest shirt or stand facing forward in the shower. I've been advised by a lactation consultant and my ob/gyn to use the shield as long as I need to or even for the whole breastfeeding time if I need to. It doesn't seem to be reducing my milk supply in the least. My baby has gained 6 lbs in these 10 weeks, nearly doubling her birth weight of 6 lbs. 8 oz. I'm also pumping 1 oz. per day to build up supply for the rare times away from her. So I seem to have plenty and when she nurses with the shield that nipple seems to usually be full of mild when she pulls away. I'm telling you these things because the main drawback I've heard about the shield is that it can reduce supply - so that doesn't seem to be happening with me. My breastfeeding experience is wonderful now. I love feeding times and she is a happy baby! And my family is happier now too, I also need to consider my older child. During the rough times my parents were keeping her some because I didn't want her to see me in that pain. Now she loves watching the baby breastfeed and I love having her be a part of it. FYI - my older daughter is adopted so this is my first time breastfeeding. I want to just continue using the shields. I hear people talking about getting off the shields though, so I wanted to get some more input about it. As long as the supply doesn't seem to be affected, is it ok for me to just happily continue using the shield?? I want to keep using it, but would like to know if there is some reason I shouldn't. Thanks!

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    Default Re: question about nipple shield

    I've heard that too, and was scared with DD2 about it, however never seemed to effect supply. Lately with further research I have heard that that is old data due to older shields that were made out of different material and didn't have a cut out for the nose like the newer ones have. I've heard that silicone and the new designs help the baby smell you more and transfer hormones more along with transfer milk better all helping keep supply more maintained. So it's no longer as much of a issue as it used to be. Of course every one is individual and it will be different for each person. But, yeah I still hear it from others as well but so far I haven't had personal problems using them. However, I like to try to stop them as soon as possible just because they are hard to keep up with for me! lol But, if they are helping you and you like using them I think the new research says to just keep on using them then.

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    Default Re: question about nipple shield

    The problem...what if you lose it and then can't nurse without the "crutch" kwim. That was the reason why I wanted off.

    That level of pain you have actually makes me think of thrush. Thrush can be incredibly painful.

    Failing that, a latch problem that may have worked itself out by now, so you may not have that much pain any longer.
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