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Thread: Poor latch, tongue tie, oversupply...

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    Thanks for the update, it is really nice to know how things turn out and so helpful for moms in the thick of difficulties to hear about life on the other side.

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    ah we had similar issues the first 5 months. It wasn't always so bad though. The first couple weeks we worked on latch issues and my DS also had his tongue tie clipped. I did exercises to get his tongue to come out further and would swipe under his tongue to prevent the tie from growing back. Once his latch was better he was still an EXTREMELY fussy eater. I tried all different types of ellimination diets but he was still pretty much unhappy and suffering from silent reflux. I think I had OS for the first 6-8 weeks but he was still fussy even with blocked feedings. I can;t really say for sure what bothered him so much those first 5 months. Sometimes I thought the elimination was working and then he would become so fussy with his feedings so I'd give up and this probably happened oooover and oooover again. Some moms swear by elimination diets but it didnt help us (although my DS did seem calmer when i did a Total Elimnation Diet...and then randomely became fussy again).
    It's so hard to tell with babies...some babies are just fussy eaters till they grow up more. I still do blocked feedings with my 8 month old DS and his fussiness has mostly abated. I believe once his reflux went away (around 6-7 months once he started sitting up and playing on his own) and once he started some solids (7ish months) he seemed to calm down...He still loooves nursing but he can control the flow more and his GI is more mature so he handles w/e food I eat better (if foods were a problem to begin with...who knows!).
    Anyway, it's hard now but my best advice is to get as much support around you to work on a proper latch and try different BF positions to see if he will be less fussy. Sometimes nursing in a sling while walking around helps...or perhaps you can get enough support to try a full on Total Elimination Diet to see if it can help a bit...

    Best of luck...it does get better...
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