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    I am a mother of a beautiful 2 month old baby girl. From the start baby wasnt able to latch on well. And at the hospital they for some reason put the sheild on me. She latched but very very very painful and she cried and didnt seem to want to eat. . Kept trying and dr said to supplement with formula so i have. Well, i also pumped and gave her my milk that way, still tried to nurse, and gave formula. About a month and a week old she finally latched painfree and seemed to be eating...this lasted two days. So now when i pump i get like 1/2 ounce tops total from both. I am drinking mothers milk tea to try and help. I am worried that because she has had the bottle she doesnt wanna work for the breastmilk and i am scared its too late to change my milk supply and getting her to latch.
    Any advice would be so appreciated. I dont wanna give up but feel so discouraged.

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    Are you hoping to nurse, or are you planning to exclusively pump? Are you supplementing with formula? Were you pumping well before the last 2 days? Are you pumping after she is eating and only getting 1/2 oz? What kind of pump do you have? Does it have new membranes?

    It is salvagable, but you need to put in some work.
    NURSE as much as possible. No pump is as good as a baby.
    Give supplements via some other method, not a bottle. http://www.kellymom.com/bf/concerns/...to-breast.html and http://www.kellymom.com/bf/pumping/a...e-feeding.html
    An SNS might be of use to you, as you can give supplements yet have baby at the breast getting practice and stimulating your supply
    Pump after feedings, even if you get nothing
    Pump with a HOSPITAL grade pump. If you are planning to pump instead of nurse, you pretty much must do the following:
    Pump for 120 minutes in 24 hours, breaking it into at least 8 sessions. 12 is better. Time at the pump is what is needed to bring your supply back if you are not nursing for whatever reason.
    Pump for 5 minutes past when you stop getting milk
    Use breast compressions and massage your breasts to help empty them completely
    Try some herbs, such as fenugreek and blessed thistle
    Talk to your doctor about medications if necessary to stimulate your supply

    There is a mother here who totally rebuilt her supply. She was unable to get her child to latch, but if you can latch, that is half the battle right there.

    How to wean off supplements
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    with the PP.

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