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Thread: Back to work in Jan - need strategy tips

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    Default Back to work in Jan - need strategy tips

    I am returning to work on January 9th. DS will be about 4 months old at that point.

    Currently, I am exclusively breastfeeding. But the first 5.5 weeks I was exclusively pumping and bottle feeding. Once I finally got DS to the breast, I stopped using bottles because I wanted to make sure our nursing relationship was firmly in place. He's done really well since then.

    He has had an occasional bottle since the switch to nursing, but the last one was on Oct 31 and he kind of acted like he didn't much care for it... and/or had forgotten how to drink from a bottle. My mom also tried to give him a bottle recently when I was at a dentist appointment, but DS refused it (possibly wasn't hungry yet though).

    Can anyone recommend a strategy for me to reintroduce the bottle before it's time to return to work? When should I start offering him a bottle - now, or closer to when I go back to work? And how frequently should I give him one? And what time of day do you think works best for giving a bottle?


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    Default Re: Back to work in Jan - need strategy

    It would probably be easier if someone else was giving him the bottle when you are not around.

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    Default Re: Back to work in Jan - need strategy

    hi! i bet since he has had bottles it wont be too hard. i would try it closer to when you go back but really its up to you. i just avoid pumping at all cost

    my son refused the bottle until someone placed a shirt that smelled like me on their chest and snuggled with him. since your lo has taken a bottle you already know which ones will be good, and that's nice.

    hope this helps:

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    Default Re: Back to work in Jan - need strategy

    We had to supplement DD for a few days, early on. Once that was over we thought, well at least we know she'll take these nice $$$ Avent bottles. Oops. Fast forward 2 mos, I'm going back to work, and the Avent nipples caused her to just screammmmmm. Be prepared for LO to reject a nipple they have previously accepted. But have someone else try (leave the house so they have no choice) and stay calm! I swear they can pick up on the stress vibes around the bottle.

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