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Thread: yellow watery/mucousy stools HELP!!

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    Default yellow watery/mucousy stools HELP!!

    Hi Everyone,

    I need some help with my LO. She is 6 weeks old (born 5 weeks early) and exclusively breastfed. Yesterday she began having yellowish watery/mucousy stools and seems very uncomfortable. I am so concerned for her. She is grunting and groaning and screams when she is trying to push out a bowel movement or to pass gas. I have read a couple of things, one being oversupply with too much foremilk and not enough hindmilk, also that it is completely normal. It makes me cry when she is so upset and she is not sleeping well at all and I am afraid that she is going to get dehydrated. She is gaining weight well but want her to be happy. Please give me some guidence.

    Thank you
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    Default Re: yellow watery/mucousy stools HELP!!

    Shoot I typed out my response and lost it.

    What you are describing sounds normal to me mama. I know it's really easy to worry but it sounds fine. Check out this link.


    Gas can be painful, and there are a few things you can try to ease that. Tummy massages, bicycle legs, burping mid feeding as well as at the end. But the poops themselves sound fine and I see nothing that indicates she could get dehydrated.

    Just keep giving her that wonderful mama milk! You're doing great.

    Also for sleep: what do you mean by she doesn't sleep well? 6 weeks is still very very young. It's normal for babies not to have a predictable sleep pattern at that age or to sleep for (what we would consider to be) long periods of time.
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    Default Re: yellow watery/mucousy stools HELP!!

    She wakes herself up from being gassy and screaming trying to push out whatever is down there. For example, last night she slept from 10:30pm until 1:40 am, but then after I fed her she kept squirming and grunting and crying out for the rest of the morning. She has continued to do that today, not seeming very comfortable or rested.
    Ashlynn born 10/6/11 @ 35 weeks and

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    Default Re: yellow watery/mucousy stools HELP!!

    agree w/ pp... it sounds pretty normal to me, too. my dd had muscousy yellow stools off and on throughout the first.. oh, at least 6 mos. baby poop varies SO much in terms of color, texture, consistency, all that yummy stuff.. lol

    and as far as the discomfort, could be gas, could be just needy and wanting to be close to mommy.. 6 weeks is still so young. i do feel confident in saying that i wouldn't be alarmed at this point about anything you've described. but it's so rough when they're so little, and crying, and we want more sleep!
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