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Thread: Soooo painful!! :(

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    Exclamation Soooo painful!! :(


    I thought the painful days were gone....but I guess not My DS is 9 months today.

    I'm in a lot of pain right now on my right breast..mostly the nipple really. Here's a lil background on my right right breast in my nursing experience w my LO...(my first & only). For a while now my DS has had "issues" w my right breast. Some have suggested the flow is too forceful...or also maybe uncomfortable to him meaning some sort of kink w his neck.(some have recommended cranial/sacral therapy). Anyhow, I've just dealt w it since the issue comes & goes & sometimes seems to be resolved. The last time the phase passed I thought it really was resolved because I figured it was the flow, so now that he was older he could handle it.
    Also, I've had several plugged ducts in the first 4 or 5 months. I thought I was done with those too...lol! Well 5 days ago I had another one & they're almost always on my right breast. 5 days ago it was too. A few days before the plugged duct I had a milk blister/bleib that was also very painful! So after the blister & the plugged duct were gone I remained a lil sore which I knew was somewhat normal. But then unlike before, this time my nipple was very sore....and now its only gotten worse. Its really becoming unbearable to nurse on my right breast. And the odd thing too is that my DS is not really wanting to nurse on right, only when he naps or at night..(we co-sleep).

    I don't know what it could be. I've wondered if its thrush but I don't see the symptoms, plus wouldn't I feel pain on both breasts??
    I've also thought maybe its his latch due to teething. (He's majorly teething right now...2 teeth at top are coming in). But if it was due to teething/latch wouldn't that also affect both breats.
    When he nurses on rright breast it feels like either sandpaper, a piercing pain or like he's scraping w his teeth (eve tho they're not there yet). Sometimes I feel pain when he's not nursing...like a sudden sharp pain in breast, mipple or chest area. And most of the day I feel sore on the nipple. Oh, one more thing, every so often today I've manually expressed since he's refusing the right more & more...and the last time I did that...my nipple looked purplish when iwas done. It didn't hurt while I expressed tho.

    One more thing (really...lol)...my DS loves to pop off with my nipple still in his mouth! Ouch! And he's doing that even more right now...to make matters worse If he nurses, last 2 days...its on & off, always w nipple in mouth. So I swithc to the left & will not do that at all on left side.

    Sorry so long...just wanted to make sure I gave as much info as possible.

    Any ideas anyone? Also, what can I do to alleviate pain?

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    It sounds like it could be nipple trauma. When you examine your breast closely are there any cuts, bruises, "dots", blue or purple spots, swelling, etc? If the flow is faster on that breast he might have bit down on that side causing trauma to your nipple

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    The purple color you noticed could indicate vasospasm: http://kellymom.com/bf/concerns/mom/...blanching.html
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    Thank you ladies!! I think that's what it is...nipple trauma. I actually do have a small bluish dot on my nipple. I reviewed the link on kellymom and I've been treating with dry heat. The pain has subsided just a tad...so that's good. Its just tough because my DS continues to often clamp down or pull off without letting go...really hurts & I don't know how to "fix" this other than having my finger ready to break latch...that's not helping much...he's so quick...lol!
    I think teething may be a culprit too. Poor thing has been teething quite a bit this round.
    I did find that nursing with him on top helps the teething pain...he nurses betterr this way.

    Thanks again!!

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