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    I have a 10 week old son. I will be traveling overseas for 10 days in a few months. Any tips or advice on weaning before I go or storing enough milk while I am gone.

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    I would not wean. Instead, I would stockpile milk to use while I'm away and while away, I'd pump with a hospital grade pump I've rented and carried along. I would plan to pump about every 2-4 hours around the clock. Then I would bring the milk home.

    This would assume I could not take my child with me. I would see if that was a possible option first though. I have taken babies places and had a sitter come along to look after my baby and I check in with them often.

    Breastmilk is good at room temp for up to 10 hours. In the fridge, it may last up to 8 days.

    So...I'd be doing lipase testing to make sure my milk would last that long in the fridge. The reason...I would have little to none frozen then in my carry-on. It would be fresh milk. If it doesnt last, I'd be scalding before my trip, storing scalded milk, then I'd pack a bottle warmer too.

    But there is no way a 10 day trip would be a reason I'd wean.
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    with Susan. I made that mistake with my first born and regretted it.

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    If you absolutely feel you must wean, we can give you tips on how to go about it. But your baby is still so very young. We'd much prefer to help you find a way to continue nursing! How old will your baby be when you leave on your trip?

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    with pp, can you tell a little more about your trip? We may have some suggestions based on the trip details.
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    i agree with susan. i would do everything within my power to not wean at 10 weeks. and start stockpiling and freezing milk!

    as far as bringing home 10 days worth of expressed milk on an international flight.. i don't know how difficult that might turn out to be. but even if you can't bring it home, or don't want to hassle w/ bringing it home, you would need to be expressing milk regularly while on your trip, every couple/few hours...
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