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Thread: 10 month old is weaning...I'm so sad :(

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    Default 10 month old is weaning...I'm so sad :(

    I really need to vent...

    Tonight I gave my 10 month old daughter her first bottle of formula... She took it with no problem. She has been breastfeeding less and less over the last month. The only time she will nurse is first thing in the morning. The rest of the day it has become a battle. She will turn away, cry and even bite. I can sometimes sneak in one or two more feedings for the day if she is tired and will nurse before a nap. During my attempts to nurse I've been firm, I've been laid back, I've been celebratory. I have tried EVERYTHING! Gone into a quiet low stimulating environment, offer all the time, mix it with solids (she gags), sang to her, praised her...I would have stood on my head if that would work. I am so sad and don't know what else I can do. I'm sure some of it has to due with teething, her 2 top teeth have been coming in for quite sometime...however she has just about stopped nursing despite ALL my efforts. Nursing only once a day can't be due to teething???? I am shocked that she is weaning already. I really thought we would make it to a year and I would have gone longer if she wanted.

    She has been eating solids regularly (about three 4 oz jars a day), but isn't all that interested in food either. I have pureed countless homemade yummy high quality dishes and time after time she rejects them. The only food she likes comes in a jar. I am so disappointed that my daughter is now living off of processed baby food and formula

    At the advice of a lactation counselor I had been cutting back on the solids the last few days and it didn't seem to phase her. She actually started nursing less. Today she nursed 1 and half times (she fell asleep during the 2nd feeding). I had to give in and give her SOMETHING. She won't take a bottle of breastmilk from me, never would, only from Daddy. Unfortunately Daddy works 24 hr. shifts (sometimes 48 hrs). The plan is that I will keep pumping and when he's here and she won't nurse he will offer her a bottle, but how long do we keep this up? It seems like I am pumping FOREVER to get something. My supply has totally taken a hit. Its hard to know how much milk she is getting from me, but I would suspect not much more than 6-12oz a day. Tonight she slurped down almost 8 oz. of formula in one feeding. That's gotta be better than nothing...right?

    I'm so puzzled...and exhausted.

    She seems totally fine despite not really eating or nursing. She's the most smiley, giggly baby on the block. Should I just accept that she is weaning??? I am totally committed to breastfeeding. It took us 4 months to get a latch (we used a shield), I stuck it out and will stick this out if its a phase, but if its not a phase when do I give up??? She almost seems frustrated with me when I offer to nurse her. I don't want her to hate it.

    Any words of encouragement or advice is sincerely appreciated.

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    Default Re: 10 month old is weaning...I'm so sad

    Aw, mama, that is so hard! It's rare for a baby to self-wean before the age of 1 year, but it does happen. I know two IRL mommies whose babies self-weaned at 9-10 months, despite doing everything right and doing their best to lure the babies back to the breast. They managed to pump milk for the remainder of the year. Do you have a really good pump, preferably a hospital-grade rental? That could enable you to get more milk in less time. Also, have you taste-tested your expressed milk? If you have a lipase issue, that could explain why your LO is reluctant to take a bottle of breastmilk.

    There's no one right answer to the question of whether or not, and when, a mom should accept that it's over. The only right answer is the one that feels right to you. There's no harm in continuing to offer the breast!

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    Default Re: 10 month old is weaning...I'm so sad

    Just some brainstorming here. Have you had her ears checked? Have you tried different positions? Like sitting up and facing you or even standing? Have you tried breastmilk in a sippy? Frozen breastmilk?

    I agree with mommal. Check for lipase. And you don't have to give up, but I would pump as often as possible to keep your supply up.
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    Default Re: 10 month old is weaning...I'm so sad

    Thank you ladies...

    I have the Ameda Purely Yours pump, which isn't hospital grade, but it does the job. My daughter has taken to only one breast for awhile now (yet another issue), so my supply is really low on one side, which is why it seems to take forever to pump enough milk for a bottle. The milk I offered her was freshly pumped, I have some in the freezer for back-up and haven't noticed any issues with its storage or freshness, but will double check.

    She has always refused a bottle from me, its like its weird to her. Sometimes Dad has a problem getting her to take the bottle from him, but he has more success than I do. I'm thinking about mixing some breastmilk with cereal and trying that again. In the past the cereal did a number on her tummy and she threw it up, but now that she is older and has had more solids I'm hoping it will sit with her better.

    I have tried different positions, facing me seemed to work a little bit, but now she's not interested. I haven't tried standing, but will give that a shot. She just had a Dr. appointment last Monday, so I think her ears are fine.

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    Default Re: 10 month old is weaning...I'm so sad

    Also, we have tried the sippy cup and yeah...not interested with that either. She'd rather play with it. I have tried about 5 different types. Any suggestions? I have also tried putting water,apple juice and breastmilk in them, none seemed to fancy her. Picky, Picky, Picky.

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    Default Re: 10 month old is weaning...I'm so sad

    I'm wondering if maybe a certain position hurts her or is uncomfortable. My son likes Nuby cups. He would never take a bottle either. You could try cup feeding. Take a little medicine cup and hold it for her. You might get some sips in her. Taste the milk. Lipase isn't about storage of the milk but rather an enzyme in the milk. Having too much can "sour" the milk quickly so that it tastes bad when expressed.
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    Default Re: 10 month old is weaning...I'm so sad

    Personally I would stop giving the jars of food, I've never given jars or pureed foods so I'm not real familiar with them, but I would start just giving her what ever foods you eat-no need to puree them. And not worry about how much solids she eats, if you aren't worried about the solids maybe she will eat more from you. Remember till one solids are only fun not the majority of their nutrition, so if they take them or leave them it's ok. But, I too would be worried about a all processed diet.

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    Default Re: 10 month old is weaning...I'm so sad

    Are you sure you aren't pregnant? Early pregnancy can change the taste of the milk and some babies don't like it and will wean.

    Teething can really bother some babies.

    I know how hard it is to want to breastfeed, to plan to breastfeed, but to not be able to.
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