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Thread: At what age?

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    Default At what age?

    Did you child become REALLY emotionally attached to nursing?

    Dylan has been an avid nurser all along (although he's weird about NIP) but lately he is ALL about boob. Like asking every 5 minutes for "Mu" and really using the breast as comfort. Not that he didn't comfort nurse before, but I was always the one to offer except at night. Now I don't even have to offer because he will ask! He's 10 months old. I was just curious about this, because with some dr's saying to wean at a year, I think it would be way more upsetting for him to wean in 2 months than it would have been earlier! I had always planned to breastfeed till he self-weaned anyway, but I am not even sure how dr's expect some babies to wean at 1 anyway?
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    i don't understand the 1 year expectation, since at a year my LO too was intensely attached. i think they created it for formula (when to switch from formula to cow's milk) and then try to apply it to bfing (like they do everything else).

    prior to that, 10 mo or so, she was less interested. She goes through phases of interest in it, like once she learned the sign for nursing she got super interested, and then it waned, now she learned how to actually ask with words, and is again very interested in the "demand" part of nursing on demand. im really enjoying nursing now though since i know if i had to delay her for whatever reason it would be ok since solids are such a big part of her diet too.
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