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Thread: surprised at 8.5 month olds appetite

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    Default surprised at 8.5 month olds appetite

    i'm just surprised and have to share... i tried to start my lo on solids at 6 months and he gagged on everything for about one month, i thought he would never eat solid food. now he is ravenous and eats everything i put in front of him! to my surprise today he ate a 1/2 banana for breakfast, 3 ravioli, 1/2 slice of pizza and a handful of greenbeans for lunch and sloppy joe meat and a half roll for dinner. it was amazing! to all you moms worried about your 6 month old not being interested in solids, give him/her time, when they are ready you will know
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    Default Re: surprised at 8.5 month olds appetite

    Thanks for posting this!

    My daughter will be 8 months tomorrow and we're loosely doing BLW. For us, basically that means at this point she gnaws on some apple, clementines, pears, bread rolls, etc while we prepare food or eat, i.e. nothing substantial, just for fun.

    I was fine with that until her last check-up a few weeks ago when the Dr. wrote up this whole chart about how she should be eating rice cereal every day and pureed foods at every meal, and how breastmilk, after 6 months, only covers 80% of a baby's nutrition. She's a nice Dr. and was there at our baby's homebirth, and in general we like her a lot, but at that I kinda just sat up straight and said "hmmm" a lot. I don't intend to feed my daughter rice cereal at any point, and while I don't have anything against pureed foods, it's just too much effort for me right now and baby is growing fine, a happy little girl.

    Nonetheless, I started to worry a little that maybe I'm holding my baby back. A friend of ours has a baby that was born a day before ours and when we recently got together for lunch, I was surprised by how much he was eating - all of his mom's food, btw, just mashed up with a fork. N seems very interested in food, always staring intently at us eating it, and she loooves drinking water, but when we give her food to eat, anything besides the food listed above, she's just not into it and spits it back out.

    Also I guess I'm a little worried since tomorrow we'll be meeting with the same Dr. for the 8 month check-up - - I guess I'll just nod and "hmmm" again.

    Eek, what a book! a rambling one at that.

    tl; dr: Thanks so much for posting this! it made me feel better about my little girl and solids.
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    Default Re: surprised at 8.5 month olds appetite

    My ~8mo LO is still in the experimentation phase too -- I figure the spitting out and etc is just his way of testing the food and experimenting with the tastes and textures. My LO loves gnawing on cucumbers ...and even though he's not chowing down yet, I've still been finding the seeds in his diaper!
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