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Thread: Are IBCLC's expensive?

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    Default Are IBCLC's expensive?

    I was just wondering if anyone knew how expensive IBCLC's are? I really don't think we can afford to spend much more money on increasing my supply. We get ds's formula supplement from WIC so, I told dh the money we have spent on pump rental, herbal supplies, etc. haven't cost us as much as the full amount of formula would, but I have not seen substantial increase in supply so I was just wanting someone certified to tell me that my suspicions about having IGT are right so that I know I truly am not able to increase my supply, and if I don't have it, maybe an IBCLC can tell me what we are doing wrong.


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    Default Re: Are IBCLC's expensive?

    I don't know if this is much help to you, but the IBCLC's that are at our local hospitals are free if you gave birth there. It wouldn't hurt to ask.

    Do you have a local LLL leader? She might not be able to answer specific medical questions, but she would be able to take a look at baby's latch, and how your pump is working, to give you an idea of what the problem might be.



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    Default Re: Are IBCLC's expensive?

    Call your WIC office, they should have LCs there! I know that you are getting formula from them, but they are really probreastfeeding and want to help. They should help you for free!

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    Default Re: Are IBCLC's expensive?

    I gave birth to my son at a hospital an hour away and my local LC is still free to me! Even if you didn't give birth nearby, try your local hospital anyway, most LC's at hospitals are paid to be there regardless of who they are helping and they are PRO breastfeeding, of course, so they might help you!

    Best of luck!

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