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Thread: suddenly fussy on one side

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    Question suddenly fussy on one side

    Hey. Got a weird new problem. My 11 week old has suddenly started getting VERY fussy at one breast for the past 4-5 days. He latches on, and latches off every 4-5 seconds. He just lets go but wants to come back on after a second or so. When he lets go he turns his face around to the other side. I checked if he was hurting lying on that side, but don't think that is the case. He is nursing fine on the other side. Any ideas why?

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    Ear infection. Change in your hold.

    You can try latching him in the "good" side, then rotate yourself or slide baby over and try to latch him onto the "bad" side and see if that makes a difference.

    But I'd wonder about an ear infection causing some discomfort. Two of mine have had ear problems, and one never showed any signs of it. The doc picked it up.
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