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    Hello everyone

    First of all thank you to everyone who responded to my previous post. I am happy to report that I am no longer "milkless". I do find myself in another breast feeding predicament!

    My little lady is two weeks old! YAY! She is still supplemented with formula. She is down to about one ounce a feeding (which is amazing for us). I am currently on Domperidone and pumping after each feeding (I get next to nothing when I pump).

    Today I saw a new lactation consultant. She said to drop the pump. She said the baby's latch and sucking is excellent and I am getting what I need to stimulate the breast naturally. What do people think about this. It took me these two weeks to get where I am, and I don't want a set back. Any help would again be greatly appreciated!

    Thanks a million!!


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    I agree. Put the pump away and now concentrate on exclusively breastfeeding. Let her regulate you and get your supply where she needs it. I also say dump the formula. She might spend some time on the breast for a few days but it will be totally worth it. You did it mama! Be proud and now trust your body.
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    IMHO (from a momma who has had issues with supply) I would NOT stop pumping, Im no expert but have ALOT (too much) experience with increasing/maintainig my supply and it wasn't till my DS was 3mo or so when I felt I could CUT-DOWN on the pumping sessions (but I was a bit peronoid) My DS also had to have supps, but I was able to build up my supply so that by 6mo we were able to cut out ALL supps and hes been EBF ever since. I NOD and pumped after EVERY feeding and any other time I could get in. I know there will be other mommas who can give even more advise to you.

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    One thing you could do is cut back on pumping, see how it goes, etc. If things go well, cut back some more. That way, it's not all or nothing. But I think you can probably cut back, based on what you're saying. Same for formula supplements. You could cut back on the supplements (drop for some feedings but not all), feel it out, etc. Try to spend more time with your baby actually at your breast every day. You need to be breastfeeding more, supplementing less. That's the goal.

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    You may be able to do what the lc said. from your last post it sounds like the issue was your milk was delayed in coming in, not that you have low supply.

    when my son was two weeks old I was able to ditch the formula and pumping completely. good thing I did actually, because I did have oversupply after all that! what I did was spend a day nursing without the supplement and watching his diaper output. it was awesome! but in my case I was engorged and leaking suddenly, whereas before I was not. so it was quite apparent I had milk!
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    When in doubt, trust your gut. You are the expert on YOUR baby and your situation. Just some things to think about-

    Why is the LC saying to stop pumping? Did she also say it was OK to wean off the supplemental feedings? Because it kind of goes hand in hand-if baby is getting enough milk from you, then presumably it is OK to stop supplementing AND stop pumping, but if you still NEED to supplement, then your supply is not qute there yet. You could build supply by nursing more too, of course-did she suggest that? But that might be hard to implement if baby is getting filled up on supplemental feedings & won't nurse more.

    Also consider: Is pumping interfering with your ability to rest, your overall contentment, your enjoyment of your baby? Are you so worried about fitting in pumping that you pump instead of nursing? (or cut an active nursing session short in order to supplement &/or pump?) If so, those are compelling reasons to stop or reduce pumping, and possibly reduce/stop supplementing too, under the guidance of your LC or pediatrician and assuming baby is back on target with weight gain. If, on the other hand, you have found a way to fit pumping into your life without a great deal of stress or reducing time spent cuddling with your baby, it may well be OK to keep pumping, if that feels right to you. Basically, is pumping helping or hurting?

    You are obviously producing milk. That makes me wonder why you are getting 'next to nothing' when pumping, that seems odd. What are you expecting to produce when pumping? It's not normally going to be much, as you are nursing your baby round the clock-you may have unrealistic expectations & that could cause stress. If you are really truly not getting what would be normal (between .5 oz and 2 oz) I wonder if the pump been checked out? The suction tested? Parts replaced (those little white flappy things really make a difference if they are worn or torn-and you can't tell be looking at them)The flanges sized correctly? etc. Pumps are just machines, and they can fail. Here is a good pumping article: http://www.kellymom.com/bf/pumping/p..._decrease.html

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