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Thread: Night nursing when sick

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    I need some advice from moms of other nursing toddlers. I am a working mom and my little one of 15 months goes to a daycare at a church that I love. She also loves going there and interacting with all the little toddlers. However, she gets lots of sicknesses there. I've heard this is good in the long run to develop her immunity, but it is brutal during the process. She also sleeps with me and is a frequent night nurser.

    So, here is the issue-- whatever illness she seems to be fighting, it is always the worst at night. She is usually fine during the day. Last week, she had the "Throwing up" flu. She was great during the day and threw up at night. Since she nurses so much at night, it made her vomiting spells even worse. After she would throw up, the only thing for comfort was to nurse and then she would just throw up again.

    Now, she has congestion (probably starting another round of months of ear infections) and nursing so much at night seems to cause her to have more phlegm, cough and throw up or wake up.

    So, it is a tough battle. She needs to nurse, and I want her to nurse. However, it seems to cause problems at night. But, I also think the breastmilk is best for her when she is sick. Any advice? I really don't know what to do. My husband tries to help and comfort her back to sleep other ways at night, but that is VERY VERY difficult to do. We are both walking zombies and have been since she was born. She has never slept through the night. Probably nurses 5-6 times a night.


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    My experience with my kids has taught me that they are always sicker at night, nursing or not. My 5 year old is always fine during the day but at night- that's when the pukies strike, and when she wakes up moaning and crying for me... I think the issue is really that at night it is so much harder for their little lungs and digestive systems to move and clear, and so much less to distract from the discomfort.

    Do you want to cut out the night feedings? If so, you can. But it's not a guarantee that your LO will sleep better, especially when sick. Have you talked to the doc about the persistent ear infections? I'd want to make sure she doesn't need tubes or have an adenoids issue or something...

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    I found what worked best with my toddler to help her nurse better when she was sick with congestion is to use the baby saline spray. She hates it but it helps clear out her nose and throat. And I agree with you the best thing to give her while she is sick is breastmilk. Perhaps she wouldn't need to nurse so often at night if she slept in a bassinet or crib right by you at first? I never co slept so I don't know if that would effect her nighttime nursing or not. Good luck!

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