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Thread: Breastfeeding 11 week old

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    Ok so I breastfed my first daughter for 13 months. After the initial learning stage we did fine. Well my second daughter is now 11 weeks old and we have been pros at it from the very beginning. But suddenly the last few days during the day she just fights me every time I try to feed her. At night she does just fine no problem. Any tips? There is no way I am going to stop breastfeeding yet. Any idea why she might be doing this?
    I know I have overactive letdown and overproduction (Currently 6 ounces per side and I only pump maybe 2x a week) I try to let some of it stream out onto a nursing pad when I let down but it doesn't seem to be helping. I've also tried pumping right before I feed her to see if that helps but its like she just doesn't want to nurse during the day. I will try the football hold. I tried it once with no luck but I will keep trying. I also tried laying down during the day like I feed her at night but it didn't help. I don't want her to have a bottle and she has never had one anyway. I will have to maybe talk to a lactation consultant. I've never had any problem with her latching on.

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    Have you tried block feeding to reduce the flow? Maybe she is upset about how fast the milk is coming out?

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    With the PP. This link may be useful in pinpointing a cause: http://kellymom.com/momblog/bf/conce...while-nursing/

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