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Thread: Please help me with our schedule

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    Question Please help me with our schedule

    Hi everyone, I am a working Mum & pumping. Can I have some suggestions on our schedule? My baby is 10 months, eating great. When we are together I noticed she doesn't nurse long around lunch time, but I still always offer her the breast & milk before meal times. She needs 3.5 oz to go down for a nap, but with the milk offers 30 mins before her lunch and dinner - this is a lot of milk and a lot of pumping sessions for me. I am managing to do well with maintaining my supply, I do have low supply times during my cycle, but it doesn't last more than a few days.

    5:30 - wake & nurse
    /7:15 - nurse a bit more
    7:30 pump
    7:50 leave for work
    8 am - LO has breakfast (cereal with EBM)
    9:30 LO has a bottle (3.5 oz) & a nap - I pump
    noon LO has a bottle (2 oz) - I pump

    2-3 times per week LO visits me at work and I nurse her, I find though she usually only takes one side though, so I still follow with a pumping session. Things have been busy though at work lately and LO has not come by that often though - I know I have to get back into 2-3 visits/wk.

    2:30 LO has a bottle (3.5 oz) and goes down for a nap - I pump
    4:45 - after LO wakes up, (2 oz) bottle
    5:15 - LO has dinner
    5:30-5:45 - I arrive home & pump (if I can I pump at 4:30 at work)
    6:30 − 7 pm start bedtime routine (bath, stories, rock & nurse)
    7:30-8 - LO goes to sleep

    Any thoughts? We used to wait until I got home for milk & then have dinner, but by the time I got dinner ready...LO was tired and not interested, especially since she would have just nursed at 5:30 if we waited. It was also a lot of stress for me since I would have to rush to get food on the table, get LO fed and then basically go right into our bed time routine.

    If there is anyway I can switch things up a bit, please let me know. I do have a nanny - so I could probably have her make dinner, but it would still be a bit of a rush and LO probably wouldn't eat that great. Or could my nanny still do dinner for LO at 5 but not offer her milk before hand? We did this a few times and LO ate really fast and a lot FAST - I was worried she wasn't getting enough milk...I know milk should still come before food still. Another thing is I really do wish we could all have dinner together. We're doing BLS/BLW as well.

    We cosleep and LO is nursing a ton at night, I don't think it's reverse cycling? She gets plenty of milk during the day - I assume she just needs me for comfort. We just went through the 9 month sleep regression and are coming out of it - for those going through it OMG it is tough, but it does end!!

    I am really looking forward to when I can lose some pumping sessions, they really take up a lot of my day right now Please tell me it's not that long around the corner!

    Thanks everyone and my hats off to all the working Mums out there, this is hard work - we really need to be organized that's for sure!
    Mummy to LoLo

    We luv cloth baby bums!

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    Default Re: Please help me with our schedule

    A few things I see, off the top of my head. You can cut the EBM in the cereal and offer an alternative breakfast. If she visits at lunch then do you need the noon bottle? Also, I would include a pump session before you go to bed instead of the extra during the day. You could try pumping for longer to see if you get enough to eliminate a session during the day. But if you don't, just think, in another few months you can start to pump wean altogether.
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    Default Re: Please help me with our schedule

    I know what you mean about rushing around dinner time. This is what works for me:
    I arrive home about 6:30pm and immediately nurse my DDs. DH plays with DS. Then when we are finished DH and I get dinner ready together. I usually cook on weekends so it's a matter of reheating food and making a salad. That also makes it a family event. Working full time I can't make dinner when I get home and nurse too.
    If you have a nanny that can make dinner, great. What about DH helping out?
    Full time working Mom to 3, DH is my hero as a SAHD:
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