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Thread: Morning nursing session

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    Default Morning nursing session

    I've been back at work for a week ,and been having a hard time nursing my daughter before work because she's in a deep sleep. I'll change her, clothe her, etc... and then try to nurse, but she's constantly falling back asleep. Would it be a bad idea to skip the morning nursing session and just pump and send that along to daycare, or will she eventually get use to this?

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    I would definitely pump as the morning session will always yield the most and it may lighten the amount of pressure around what you need to pump at work. Also if you have time you may try again before you leave day care if she's awake.

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    If she won't nurse, definitely pump, both to protect your supply (in case she changes her schedule next week), and to provide milk for daycare (since she'll be hungry when she does wake up!).
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    I agree with the others...if she does not eat..make sure to pump! That is the most productive time of day and you do not want to lower your supply!
    Good luck!

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    If you can't get her to eat, maybe you could get to the daycare a little earlier than you usually do and try to nurse her there. Maybe the car ride and being out of the house will wake her up, then she'll be awake enough and hungry/eager to nurse!

    If not, pump!
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