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Thread: Block nursing help

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    I have been trying to do block nursing due to a major oversupply with my 3 week old. She has been fussy at the breast, choking/coughing, not nursing to sleep anymore, and massive exploding green mucous stools. It's getting worse and worse.

    I am doing the block nursing by nursing off one side until completely soft before switching to the other side. Usually this takes about 3-4 hrs. per side to soften. If the other side is getting uncomfortable I will nurse on that side for like 3-4 minutes just enough to relieve the pressure.

    My problem is that while I'm nursing off only one side, the other side is getting out of control huge and painful. It's not as bad during the day because she nurses so frequently that I can get a softened breast in about 3 hrs. and then can switch sides. But during the night she goes about 3 hrs. between feedings, so I never have a chance to get a softened breast and therefore feel like I don't know when or if to switch. The engorgement is worse on the right side.

    For example, last night I nursed from the right until totally soft from about 5pm-7pm and then put her to bed at about 7pm. She woke at 11pm so I started on the left. (but by this time my right side was definitely filling up.) She woke again at 2am and the left had not gotten softened by the previous feeding so I did the left again. But by this time, my right side was rock hard. I tried to nurse her a little on the right to relieve the pressure but my breast was so hard I couldn't even compress it. I felt many hard nodules in the breast as well that I tried to massage out but could not. I was in tears it was so painful so I ended up pumping my right breast at 3am this morning! I got 5 oz. out of just that side. I have had to do this before on the right side one previous time due to clogged ducts from engorgement. I fear the pumping on that side is setting me back a step because it's telling my body to increase my supply when I am trying to decrease it, but I felt like I didn't have a choice. It was so painful and the hard nodules scared me--I am afraid of getting mastitis.

    Can anyone offer advise on how to successfully decrease my supply with block nursing while avoiding horrible engorgement and possibly clogged ducts/mastitis? I am at my wits end here and I feel it's just getting worse.

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    Default Re: Block nursing help

    BTDT! keep doing what your doing, but just hand express to comfort on the side you aren't feeding off of vs. nursing. nursing stimulates MORE milk production. any stimulation does, but hand expression will trigger less of a response than nursing. It took almost 2 weeks to get the poops under control, and the OS is still going on at 7MO, but DD can handle it better now.
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