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Thread: What is your daily feeding routine for a 9 month old

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    Question What is your daily feeding routine for a 9 month old

    Am I doing it right?
    I have a nine month old daughter and I am just curious what, how often, and how much you all are feeding your babies.
    I am interested in learning about what you all do! I also want to double check that I am doing the right things for my baby.
    thank you all!

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    Default Re: What is your daily feeding routine for a 9 month old

    We do child led. So I follwed DJ cues and right between 8&1/2 and 9 months we went from one thing once a day to Two meals. Because his interest in food dramatically increased. If it hadn't I wouldn't have rushed him or pushed him. But right now we usually do cereal(As in Cheerios not ans in Rice) and fresh fruit slices(apple are his favorite but we also do plum and pear) and either some string cheese or yogurt for lunch and then some of what we're having four dinner and other things to round it out. Last night he had chicken pieces, fresh spinach leaves, and pear pieces. All table food and all what we were actually eating. If we're having a pasta dish we'll give him plain pasta pieces w/ no sauce and something green and if there is no meat for him to eat( I don't feed him pork or beef yet)then I give him whole pinto beans for protein. I feed him water out of a cup w/ a straw. My son is ready for solids! When we're out he's interested in other people food! If he wasn't I wouldn't do it. On days where he's sick or tired or cranky sometime we skip lunch. I do feel a little pressure to give him well rounded meals w/choices. But that's because I don't want him to be a picky eater. One of the things that the child led solids says is to make sure they have choices. SO I do that. There is never any pressure on him to stay in his high chair longer than he wants or to eat anything he doesn't like. Some days he likes pears sometimes no. And he'd be happy w/apple slice and cheerios everyday but I want him to experience more so I give him more. Way more. So listen to your babies ques. If your baby is still not opening her mouth for solids or showing any interest, try again in a week. I would have been perfectly happy to wait! But I started having to fend him off w/apple slices when I was eating my lunch and we ended up sharing a yogurt everyday and he was all into the other kids snacks at group so I needed to up my game! Listen to your baby she'll let you know when she's ready!

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    Default Re: What is your daily feeding routine for a 9 month old

    Like Dj's mom said, follow your baby's cues.

    We don't do things the same way DJ's Mom does, so I'll offer what we do as a comparison for you. Neither one is wrong, we chose what was right for our particular children.

    Our youngest is 7.5 mos. old.

    We always have family meals at the table. Baby has his own booster chair with a tray at the table. He always nurses before meals...and will continue to do so until he's a year old and eating enough solids that he has a well balanced solid food diet.

    A couple weeks before he turned 6 mos., he started on solids...he was ready then, but not all kids are until later on, so you really need to follow your child with this. He has Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner every day with the family. Since he nurses first, and has not decreased the amount of breastmilk he takes in yet, we let him eat all the solids he wants at a particular meal. Sometimes this is just a couple of crackers or a handful of cheerios if he's not very hungry, many times its some green beans or carrots or mashed potatoes from our meals...or applesauce...or bananas mashed. We don't force him to eat anything at all if he doesn't want to...and we don't stop him if he wants some more solids either. Alot of the time he eats less than 4 Tablespoons full of food plus cheerios or crackers.

    Alot of people don't have set meals with their babies at this age, but with us, it works best with our family as its a social function too and not just about food, and lo isn't actually expected to eat if he doesn't want to at a meal, but he is offered it for those 3 meals of the day with the family...we started with 1 meal a day and worked up to 3 as he indicated he wanted more solids at meal time.

    As long as your daughter is learning the appropriate things for her age and growing well and happy and content, I'm sure you're doing the right thing for your baby.

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    Default Re: What is your daily feeding routine for a 9 month old

    Thanks..it is always nice to hear from other moms about what they are doing. I think what we have been doing has been fine and her 9 month check up shows it...Dr. said she was "perfect" so that was good news.

    I just get a little nervous sometimes because I am the only person on BOTH sides of the family that breastfeeds and there are a LOT of familes. So I get questioned sometimes about what I am doing. You know how it goes...I get questions like these: "How long are you going to breastfeed? Are you sure she is getting enough to eat? When are you going to wean her? Most people stop breastfeeding by the time the baby drinks from a cup...why are you still breastfeeding?" and so on...

    So - thank you for the validation!

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