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Thread: Need advice on constant latch @ night

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    Question Need advice on constant latch @ night

    My son is 8 months old and has co-slept with me since he was born. He is a healthy eater and has no issues with breastfeeding but over the last few weeks (likely due to teething) he has started to persistently hold the latch without letting go as he falls asleep. I used to be able to easily break the latch very softly and he would sleep within arms reach away but now he holds the latch hard and wakes and cries if I break the latch. So he is either crying and waking all the time (10X or more) because i break the latch, or if not he's latched on most of the night on his side next to me and I can't sleep at all with him latched on hard and so close. I know sleeping on his back is important and the other night I moved just slightly in my sleep and rolled on his arm and he cried out. I've tried multiple soother/pacifiers and he just shakes his head and cries loudly if I try to break the latch and put one in (even warmed up!). Sometimes he settles if I walk him around the house but when he wakes and sees he isn't latched on he cries again a short time later. He's also started to crawl this week so we're looking at switching him to the crib beside our bed instead of in our bed because our first baby would move around too much at night and we weren't comfortable just using bed rails because he moved around them as we slept and almost fell out several times. Any suggestions or advice on the latch issue and/or moving him to a crib would be welcome

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    Sorry, I'm dealing with the same thing with my second baby too, right now. She's 10 months old today. I don't have any advice, just commiseration. Sometimes I can break the latch and she's fine, sometimes not. Have you ever tried breaking the latch before he's all the way asleep? Something that I sometimes do is walk her to sleep with a pacifier in her mouth and that seems to buy me some time. If I try to slip a pacifier in her mouth at night, she usually throws it.

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    Just another mom dealing with the same thing...Mine no longer takes the paci and I seem to be the only one to put her back to sleep. Hope it gets better for you soon!

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