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Thread: How long to feed on demand?

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    Default How long to feed on demand?

    My chubby DS will be 4 months on 11/22. I have been feeding him on demand since he was born. I have even advised he DCP to feed him on demand. In addition, alot of times he likes to comfort nurse. Especially in the evening.

    He was 14 lbs 11 oz about two weeks ago. Since gaining weight is not an issue for us, should I put him on a schedule (ie every 3 hours or 4 hours)?
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    Default Re: How long to feed on demand?

    Why do you want to put him on a schedule? If its just because you think you should, I vote no. He knows when he is hungry. He is listening to his body. I would let him do his thing.

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    Default Re: How long to feed on demand?

    No, no schedules at this point. At just four months, your LO is completely dependent on your milk. It's not like he can make up for a missed feeding by eating more solids. And no matter what point you are at in your breastfeeding journey, a schedule is likely to have a negative impact on supply. Supply = demand, and if you give baby fewer opportunities to demand, your supply is going to decrease. And how would a schedule benefit you, anyway? Yeah, you might get to the point where you only have to feed baby every 3-4 hours, but it's going to take a huge amount of misery on both your parts to get there. I'd rather feed my baby twenty times an hour than listen to her scream for one minute, and it's going to take a lot longer than one minute to get your baby to believe that you will not feed and comfort him the way he wants and needs.

    Are you worried that your baby's chub is somehow unhealthy, or that you're going to end up with a permanent chubsters? Because you don't need to. As your baby gets more mobile, the rolls are going to melt away. Lots of us have had our kids start out covered in fat, only to see the fat melt off as our babies turn into toddlers.
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    Default Re: How long to feed on demand?

    I fed DD on demand until she turned one about a week ago. Today was actually the first time I ever redirected her when she wanted to nurse. If you do not want your baby on a schedule, certainly you should not feel pressured to put him on one. All babies gain weight in different patterns.

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    Default Re: How long to feed on demand?

    Quote Originally Posted by @llli*juno View Post
    Why do you want to put him on a schedule? If its just because you think you should, I vote no. He knows when he is hungry. He is listening to his body. I would let him do his thing.
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    Default Re: How long to feed on demand?

    4months is still so very young. A baby that young should be allowed to self regulate.

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    Default Re: How long to feed on demand?

    My LO is almost 9 months & we nurse on demand when I am home & Grammy gives a bottle on demand when I am at work. I dont think we are structured enough ourselves to keep him on a schedule.... I figure that I'm not always hungry at the same time of day, so why would he be? My brother & SIL were very strict with schedules with my niece & she cries allot when the schedule doesnt work for her. It seems so cruel.

    DJs Mom, I LOVE your signature! I keep telling people that I would never be able to function if I had to get up in the middle of the night to a screaming baby, go make a bottle, feed & then try to settle a baby back down to go to sleep. BFing & cosleeping is SOOOOOO much easier! A happy momma is a momma who is well rested & never has a baby so upset while waiting for a bottle to get made that now they are too upset to eat!
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    Default Re: How long to feed on demand?

    You may find your DS settles into his own schedule, which may be more predictable and easier for you to manage (if that is what you are looking for by creating a schedule). At he gets older he may be more efficient at nursing, which means he may nurse quicker and may nurse less frequently. It took a solid 4 months for my DDs to get into a routine, including napping. It will come!
    When I am at work, my DDs take bottles about the same time every day. When I am home to nurse the schedule changes so I just need to be flexible. Sometimes they just want mommy, ya know?
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    Default Re: How long to feed on demand?

    Allowing your baby to self regulate his food intake is very important. Typically we eat breakfast, lunch, and dinner at the same time every day, often whether we are hungry or not - because of scheduled lunch breaks, etc. We forget what its like to eat when we are hungry and not eat when we are not. Babies do the opposite. They do what's normal. When they are hungry they eat, when they aren't they don't. Allowing them to learn about their own bodies is important, and allowing them to determine when THEY are hungry is beneficial - as opposed to someone else dictating when they SHOULD be hungry, ya know? It also allows them to control their portions. They stop eating when they no longer feel hungry - a far cry from a lot of adults who mistake that OVER-full feeling as simply "okay, I can stop eating now because I'm no longer hungry". In North America the obesity rates are very high, and *I* think that a part of that is because we get use to huge portions combined with not being able to determine if we are full or not (the "clean your plate" mentality that was so common years ago).

    Basically my long ramble boils down to the fact that feeding on demand is a good thing. For as long as you can.

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    Default Re: How long to feed on demand?

    I nursed on demand til my DD was about 18 months or so maybe 2.
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