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    My daughter is 14 months old and I've been told that I need to get back on anti depressants due to some situations going on in my marriage. I only nurse her in the morning and at night before bed, but am having emotional issues with weening b/c I won't be having any more children. I have no idea how to go about weening her off of these feedings. I don't have any help at night from my husband, so that's not an option. Please, any advice any of you could give would be greatly appreciated.

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    What type of antidepressant will you be taking? Some are safe while breast feeding and especially since you only nurse her twice a day. If any came through your milk, it probably wouldn't be enough to harm her. Check infantrisk.com I believe you can look up your medication there. Sorry you are dealing with marriage problems.

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    Sorry you're not feeling so great! But I don't think you have to wean. Zoloft is commonly recommended for nursing mothers, and you're hardly nursing at all! Lots of us have taken antidepressants while nursing a lot more than you are. I completely understand not wanting to wean - for one thing, my experience is that the hormones of weaning hit a bit hard, and can make you even more depressed. So by all means keep nursing if you can.

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