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Thread: Weird Nipple Issues

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    Hello Ladies!
    I say weird issues, they may not be at all lol. DS was 5 weeks old sunday, we had a rough start he was not latching on properly and I was having EXTREME pain with every feeding! But thankfully after meeting with a LC we got that straightened out and we are much better now. It is still sore for the first minute or so but nothing like it was and then feeding painless. My issue is my left nipple will have crazy sharp shooting pain after feedings, and sometimes just randomly, my nipple will turn white, blue, dark red and it almost feels like a dull burning. My first thought was thrush, but DS has no symptoms and it is only on one side, is it possible to only be the one side?
    I am determined to succeed at this, this is #4 and I gave up with DD's and my other DS. Any advice will be gladly taken

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    Hello, It sounds like Vasospasm and Raynaud’s Phenomenon to me: http://www.breastfeedinginc.ca/conte...ename=doc-V-RP

    I am not an expert, but I had some of that when I would pump at work.

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    The triphasic color change is a dead giveaway for vasospasm. Best treatment is heat, and fixing anything that is still suboptimal in your baby's latch. Often vasospasm is caused by compression.

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