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Thread: MANY Poopy Diapers

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    Default MANY Poopy Diapers

    LO is 4 weeks old now. He was 3 weeks, 4 days premature, born Oct 14, weighing 5 lbs. 15 oz. The nurse said if he hadn't peed all over her, he would have hit 6 pounds.

    He has done tremendously well. DD is a wonderful mother (I'm the grandma). He was a bit jaundiced at first and we suffered through a plugged in baby for about 5 days (light pad). He has gained well. I think he's about 7 pounds now.

    What worries me is that he has a LOT of poopy diapers, about 12-15 in a 24 hour period. I think this is excessive. It has a lot of water content, but also some green grit. His little butt is getting quite sore. It is explosive. You can actually hear him poop in the next room. He appears to have some gas, but not a lot of belly aches.

    I know breastfed babies are not supposed to get diarrhea or constipation, but this doesn't seem right. I called the pediatrician Friday and told her about this and she suggested formula with probiotics. I asked if there weren't infant probiotics without resorting to formula and she said there was.

    A little bitty bottle costs $30. You give the baby 5 drops a day, which is hard to estimate. Using a dropper, it often empties when you only give a tiny squeeze. So I used water and the dropper and carefully got 5 drops out and eyeballed how that looked in a teaspoon (about 1/4). So now I give him 1/4 tsp of the probiotic a day.

    I imagine it is going to take at least a week to take effect. I hope to see an improvement in the diapers. The books says 3 poopy ones a day is to be expected. That would be heaven!

    Have any of you had a 1-month old baby poop like this? It's been like this since birth. I would sure like to see it become more regulated.

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    Default Re: MANY Poopy Diapers

    If mom takes baby off the breast, just as her letdown starts, is the milk coming out forcefully?

    How is moms supply?

    Is mom switching breasts all the time?

    To me, this could be an oversupply, over active letdown type situation, not diarrhea. If so, the solution to it is block feeding: stop switching sides, start e next feeding on the side she ends with. I'd try that before going to formula or probiotics.
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    Default Re: MANY Poopy Diapers

    My LO had lots of poops when he was born. Lasted about 2 months, he had 6-10 a day and now he has 1-3. He poops thru his diapers (both the cloth and the sposies) often, although he has been gassy since he was born no matter what I cut out of my diet. I do have a small OS issue but I dont think that I have OALD (although I have shot the baby in the eye when he has popped off a few times )
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    Default Re: MANY Poopy Diapers

    My son pooped a little bit at a time all the time for the first few months of life. Every diaper we changed was a dirty one, every hour or two. We gave him baby probiotics and reduced my oversupply, as he was also spitty and gassy. I think, in the end, it was just a matter of time before his digestive system matured a bit more and the probiotics can help speed that up a bit. You may also consider having your daughter take probiotics, too, as they transfer to breast milk.

    To help with any rash that might be occurring due to this, you may want to give baby a little bit of diaper free time every day. Lay out an old blanket with something waterproof underneath, like a trash bag, and play for a while this way. Some of my favorite pics of my son are from his napping during diaper free time, usually in front of the fireplace to keep his little naked butt warm
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    Default Re: MANY Poopy Diapers

    Many poops can be normal, but as a previous poster suggests, what you describe sounds a lot like forceful letdown. Forceful let down may or may not also mean oversupply, so I would not suggest block nursing right off the bat, as it will reduce milk supply (that is what it is supposed to do) and so you can imagine you want to be quite sure that is what you want before doing it. There are other ways to possibly alleviate the effects of forceful letdown that can be tried first, plus you want to see if this is even the issue. I suggest you read these articles for more on this: Forceful letdown: http://www.kellymom.com/bf/supply/fast-letdown.html & http://www.llli.org/docs/00000000000...ggrimacing.pdf

    “ Laid back” positioning-Laid back positioning will also result in baby nursing “up hill” as suggested in the Kellymom article:

    As far as sore bottoms, breastfed babies, who are being fed the perfect food that digests with wonderful ease, often thus poop a ton and so get changed a ton, and WIPED a ton, forceful letdown or no, and the babies bottom is of course extremely sensitive at this early stage. This is a commom issue and usually, with breastfed babies, has little to do with the poop itself, which is very mild when a baby is exclusively breastfed. I have found again and again that many babies cannot handle the commercial wipes at this stage, even the 'sensitive' ones. Try using a soft baby washcloth or paper towel with warm water for most of the changes (such as all home changes) and reserve wipes for outings and see if things improve. Also a good barrier cream will hold in babies natural skin moisture & speed healing. Make sure it is not a kind that makes wiping the bottom more difficult & thus prolonged. Some people like to add a little baby soap to the water, but personally I did not find that neccesary.
    Breastmilk alone does all that is needed to create and promote a healthy gut and digestive system. Unless baby has been given anti-biotics, I question the need for probiotics. Just my opinion.

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    Default Re: MANY Poopy Diapers

    I don't think she has forceful letdown. The milk doesn't come until the baby nurses and stops when he does. It seldom trickles out of his mouth. Haven't read the articles yet, but I will and refer them to DD too.

    I'll see if she'd like to take my Digestive Advantage pills to add probiotics to her system, and possibly some to LO.

    It's not a lot that he poops. It's just that it's so frequent and so forceful.


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    Default Re: MANY Poopy Diapers

    I agree to stop using commercial wipes.

    If you have a sewing machine or especially a serger, or a friend that does, go and buy a lot of flannel at the fabric store. It's on sale often this time of year. A lot of it is only 2 or 3 dollars a yard, for really cute ones even. sew the non selvage edge-the edge that will fray in other words, closed and wash it about 3 or 4 times (to get all the chemicals off it-chemicals are put on fabrics to keep bugs from eating it while it's being shipped to stores and what not, dry it in between to shrink it). Then cut into the size of clothes you want, and either serge the edges or hem them.

    Since the baby is EBF, you don't have to soak or rinse them. Just keep them in a bag/bucket/laundry basket, and put straight in the machine and wash like any other baby clothes, and with the other baby clothes even. Just don't use fabric softener on them, as they will become water repelent then. But, the poop will vanish in the wash, since it's from breast milk, formula poop needs rinsing!

    Any way, I had my friend make me a bunch cause she has a serger and serging the edges is the easiest way to do this, and I've used them through ALL my children! Joann's has been having a flannel sale though and I've been fighting going and buying more to make "new" clothes even though the ones we have are in perfect condition, we are just starting to run low, cause it seems like just like socks they disapear in the laundry room! lol but, they've lasted us 5 years so far, with the first batch I had her make! I had her make two different kinds though (I bought two different fabrics) one for bathing with and one for their bottoms. the bathing ones are so much softer on them then terry cloth too they really like it, and my DD2 likes to suck on them too! lol haha

    When they do start getting irritated we also use anti monkey butt powder, it has some calamine in it that soothes as well.

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    Default Re: MANY Poopy Diapers

    Hi im a grandma too (mie-mie) my DD has a 6wk old LO and he poops at least every feeding and them some so bout 12+x aday DD has a HUGE supply (a bit of OS) and LO also has explosive poop. Just wanted you both to now your not alone

    My DD is a mom of 2 DSs 6wks and 21mo

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    Default Re: MANY Poopy Diapers

    Love the flannel idea...
    btw scarletttudor, 3 poops a day is the very lowest minimum you want to see a very young baby (under 6 weeks) poop. Less than that is potentially very worrisome! Just to keep everyone guessing, this sometimes changes at around 6 weeks when some breastfed babies start pooping once a day or less. Some even go many days-a week or more (!) without pooping at all, and everyone gets worried about that! But as long as weight gain is good, that is normal too. It is also normal for this NOT to happen, I don't want to get your hopes up lol.
    Exclusively breastfed babies cannot be overfed. So really, as long as baby and mom are comfortable, all is likely well, even if there is forceful letdown or oversupply. Forceful letdown is not a problem unless it is a problem-unless it is causing issues when baby nurses (some babies choke or gag and refuse the breast) or causing baby an abnormal amount of intestinal discomfort. Gassyness is perfectly normal, but baby in pain from it is not. Green, explosive poops are 1 sign of forceful letdown, there are many, including spraying milk, but they all do not need to be present for that to be the issue. Some babies handle the milk flow fine when nursing, and many moms do not leak, but the signs of the forceful letdown show up on the other end, so to speak, with green poops and/or intestinal discomfort. BUT, if baby is otherwise fine it may be that no adjustments are neccesary. Again, many of the ideas for helping baby with forceful letdown are simple and would not hurt anything, so your daughter could try those if she wants-'uphill' positioning, nursing more frequently, letting baby hang out and really finish with one side before switching sides-even if that means baby only takes one side per feeding. It certainly may not be forceful letdown at all, it all just may be normal.

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    Default Re: MANY Poopy Diapers

    My baby also had ultra-noisy explosive poops at around that age. She would wake me up when pooping! And changing her was quite something--sometimes the poop would shoot out more than 5 feet. Right around that time I discovered she was reacting to things in my diet: dairy, soy, wheat/gluten and tree nuts/peanuts. I cut all these things and after several weeks (it takes a while to clear the body), everything was much improved. She still pooped many times a day but the poops were tamer.

    Now she's 7 months, I've been on this diet for 6. And if by accident I eat any of the "forbidden" ingredients (usually when eating out), she has explosive poops again. These poops are mucousy, green, watery, sort of curdled-looking.

    I don't know if this would help, but I guess it wouldn't hurt for your daughter to try an elimination diet and see if it has any effect.
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