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Thread: fussy baby while feeding

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    I'm a first time mother of a beautiful 4wk old baby boy. I introduced bottle feeding sometime around a week or two in because of my lack of knowledge. The basic problem is that when feeding sometimes he cries while the nipple is in his mouth and when I try again to relatch he does it well and I can hear him swallow milk but then shortly into it he does the same thing again. he will do this multiple times and so because of frustration and stress I introduced formula feeding. when I give him the bottle he immediately drinks the entire thing and falls right asleep. I feel like a failure for doing it because I should be able to feed my child without needing formula. At first I did it because I thought he wasn't getting enough but the doctor said he was gaining weight fine. Now I don't understand what is going on and I fear it's because I prematurely gave him a bottle. also he seems to feed fine throughout the night feedings after he's soothed from colic, but right before bed and in the morning is when the problem is at its worse.
    is there anything I can do to find out what is wrong with him?

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    We seem to have missed this when you posted it... I'm sorry about that! How are things going now?

    Breastfeeding takes more effort and coordination on the baby's part than drinking from a bottle, so sometimes babies get frustrated at the breast because the milk doesn't flow as quickly and easily. But your baby does latch on and nurse well during the night?

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    Hello Karen, I'm sorry for such a late reply. Everything has been going well but he is still doing what is explained in this recent post.


    He does perfectly at night after I finally get him laid down.
    I have been reading the responses from that post and I am still wondering what I can do to help my little guy because he is seven weeks now and I'm not sure if it is OALD because my body should be used to it by now right? Unless I've messed up by using bottle too soon. But he does get gassy sometimes and I thought it was colic at first, and now I'm not sure.

    Any help is appreciated!

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    OALD is certainly still a possibility at 7 weeks. In my experience it can be worst right around 2 months, and then gradually get better as baby becomes more able to cope with the flow.

    Can you feel your letdown? Does it seem to be when the milk starts flowing faster that your baby gets upset?

    There are some good links in that other thread about how to deal with OALD. I would not suggest block feeding at this point, but you could try laid-back nursing or nursing in a more upright position, or taking him off during letdown and latching him back on once the initial flood of milk has passed, to see if it helps. Another strategy that might help and can't hurt is to nurse more frequently. Frequent nursing is a good thing to try in just about any situation.

    Fussiness in the evening may not have anything to do with either the bottle or OALD. It's pretty normal for babies to fuss a lot in the evening and want to nurse constantly. Stressful, but normal.

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    Is letdown the milk? I can't really feel the milk leaving my breast but I notice it(my breast) softening the longer he feeds. I noticed a comment about seeing the milk spray would mean it is forceful letdown right? I can often spray milk before feedings. So do I just spray it into a cloth until it stops spraying? or stops leaking?

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    Yup, If the letdown was too much for my LO, I would just hold a prefold diaper over the nipple and hand express some of the milk into that... then once it slowed down a bit, I would relatch my LO.
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    How long should I do that for? I've been trying the feeding in a leaning back position but nothing feels natural and I always feel like I have to hold his head the entire time. And what exactly is block feeding?

    Thanks so much for all the information ladies, there is just so much more the breastfeeding than i thought!

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